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Puget Sound Clean Air Agency faces opposition at LNG project public meeting

On Friday, the Puget Sound Clean Air Agency hosted a public information meeting to discuss Puget Sound Energy’s proposed Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) facility project in the Tacoma Tide Flats. The proposed facility would be a 33-acre site used to liquify, store, and distribute LNG.

The meeting began with an approximately 10-minute conversation on the air permit application PSE submitted for the project, and was quickly followed by nearly two hours of public comment from community members strongly opposed to the project.

Concerns included toxic emissions, the need to measure cumulative effects over time, and lack of consultation with the Puyallup Tribe. The location of the facility also troubled many of the commentators in that not only would the facility be located on the shoreline and near a metropolitan area, but the area is also at a high risk for earthquakes.

Puget Sound Clean Air Agency says that Friday’s meeting was an informal gathering for informational purposes only. But, if people want their comments and questions on public record, they will need to wait until the upcoming “public commenting period” which will last between 50-60 days.  All comments made during that time will be recorded and taken into consideration while reviewing the air permit, and each one will receive its own written response from the clean air agency.

More information about the LNG project and the status of all permits related to the facility can be found here.