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Poll: 2/3rds of parents likely to send their children to school if schools re-open for in-class learning

In a SurveyUSA research poll conducted for Seattle’s KING-TV, 2/3rds of parents with school-aged children are likely to send their kids to school if in-class learning resumes in the fall.

SurveyUSA interviewed 675 Washington State adults from July 22nd through July 27th. Of the interviewees, 28% said they have one or more children in kindergarten through 12th grade and were asked questions set aside for parents.

On questions related to when schools should re-open, SurveyUSA highlighted the following data points:

18% of adults statewide say Washington State public schools should not re-open at all this Fall.
35% say schools should re-open for remote learning only.
29% say schools should open for a hybrid model, where some but not all students are in class on any given day.
The smallest group, 10%, say schools should re-open for in-person learning only — meaning, everyone back in the classrooms on Opening Day.
Parents with a child in kindergarten through 12th grade are more eager to see kids return to class than non-parents.
Just 16% of parents want schools to stay closed, compared to 20% of non-parents.
14% of parents want kids back in school full-time, compared to just 8% of those without kids.
Washington’s Asian Americans are singularly opposed to sending kids back to class. Just 2% want to see schools re-open full-time.

Controlling for party affiliation, 71% of Republicans said that if Washington public schools open for in-person learning, whether in a “hybrid” model or for in-person learning only, they were “very” likely to allow their children to go to the school building on the days when they are supposed to be there. 28% of Democrats said they were “very” likely and a plurality (32%) said they were “somewhat” likely.

In other data points from the poll, a plurality of respondents (42%) said the state is re-opening too quickly from the coronavirus shut-down restrictions. Republicans respondents were five times more likely than Democrats to ne “not at all” concerned about getting the coronavirus.

90% of respondents support airlines requiring passengers to wear masks. 83% said businesses should require customers to wear masks.

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