Political punditry from the Deja Vu strip club

Chalk this one up to leaving a digital trail of crumbs when perhaps you didn’t want to.

In reviewing political ads, I came across Nikkita Oliver’s Twitter campaign of #nikkitabecause.

It’s a smart organizing tool that allows folks to explain why they are voting for Nikkita.  It’s a way to both consolidate your GOTV folks – by asking them to self-identify voting success – and to show a broad base of support on Twitter.

Some folks, though, use Twitter for other perspectives on Oliver.

One gentleman took a more critical view of her, below.

Mr. LaFortune has an opinion of the woman running for mayor – one that he is apparently happy to tweet about while he is sitting in one of Seattle’s strip clubs, Deja Vu.

Mr. LaFortune’s location is included in the metadata of the tweet at the end of his text.

I’m not sure, but I don’t know that a white man tweeting about a black woman’s candidacy is taken more seriously by including that detail.  Probably not.