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Inslee and Ferguson denounce rollback of Clean Power Plan

Gov. Jay Inslee and Attorney General Bob Ferguson released the following statement on the Trump administration's plans to roll back the Clean Power Plan....Read More

Morning Wire: JT Wilcox, I-1639, Washington wildfires

Two Republican's views on the media, wildfires, and initiatives in the Supreme Court are all featured in this week's edition of the Morning Wire....Read More

Marjie High: Why I write for the Wire

I write for justice. Justice that I believe lies in equity, fairness, opportunity, and consistency, all easy to overlook without connections to those who are...Read More

Two notable departures from the press

Walker Orenstein is leaving the Tacoma News Tribune.  He covered the legislature as one of the few remaining members of the print industry’s capital press...Read More

Earth Overshoot Day reported as August 1st

  Earth Overshoot Day is the day when humans’ demand for natural resources exceeds what the planet can renew that year.  It’s a metric that...Read More

With new court ruling, gun initiative ordered off ballot

A Thurston County Superior Court judge ruled that petitions sheets used for I-1639, the Alliance for Gun Responsibility’s gun initiative, did not comply with Washington...Read More

House Republican Leader on his experience with the press

Rep. JT Wilcox leads the House Republicans in Olympia.  He posted this statement to social media on Sunday regarding his experience with the press.  This...Read More

Rep. Matt Shea calls press “dirty, godless, hateful people”

Rep. Matt Shea has worked to establish himself as a “Christian Conservative” politician, a secessionist from the State of Washington, and a supporter of the...Read More

This is amazing

Sometimes, Twitter is excellent. This from US Senator from Arkansas Tom Cotton. The video is from the confirmation hearings of Antonin Scalia in 1986.  If...Read More

Second quarter Economic and Revenue Forecast shows continued strength

The Washington Economic and Revenue Council released its August Economic and Revenue Update on Thursday. Overall economic and revenue results are solid with strong employment...Read More