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Financial impact disclosure for ballot initiatives inches forward

Many members of the Legislature have long yearned for checks on the ballot initiative process, which frequently leaves lawmakers constrained with unwelcome marching orders from...Read More

Lyft, Uber cut a deal with Teamsters over driver pay, benefits, and protections

Gig-economy giants Lyft and Uber have cut a deal with the Teamsters Union over driver pay, benefits, and protections statewide.  Rep. Liz Berry’s House Bill 2076 passed...Read More

Doglio running to return to Legislature

Former state Rep. Beth Doglio is seeking a return to the state House. Doglio, an Olympia Democrat, gave up her seat in 2020 to run...Read More

Another chunk of Inslee’s green buildings package dies

Another piece of Gov. Jay Inslee’s push to reduce carbon emissions from buildings died at Tuesday’s house of-orign deadline. As we noted in The Sunday Observer a...Read More

Budget-writers’ new problem: How to spend another $1.4 billion

The Legislature’s budget writers have a fresh problem they likely welcome: What to do with an additional $1.4 billion? The fresh money arrived Wednesday morning...Read More

Ditching tolls on Narrows Bridge gets downgraded to cheaper tolls

Sen. Emily Randall’s ambitious election-year plan to end tolls on the Tacoma Narrows Bridge with a $772 million infusion of cash from the state’s general...Read More

I-5 bridge politics: Senate Transportation votes to delay fuel tax on Oregonians

That plan to tax gasoline and other fuels exported from Washington apparently isn’t going over too well in the places where the tax would be...Read More

Op-Ed: Inslee’s natural gas bills will increase energy costs, eliminate family-wage jobs

Our five construction trades unions, representing thousands of hardworking women and men across the state, oppose the Governor’s misguided bills on building energy use, House...Read More

Piles of cash allow Democrats to jettison bipartisan tradition on transportation

Money may not buy happiness, but a giant pile of cash can apparently buy a way out of the cumbersome process of coming to a...Read More

Senate votes to leash Klickitat County cougar hunts

The Klickitat County sheriff’s aggressive campaign to hunt down the county’s cougars with packs of dogs may get put on a short leash by the Legislature. ...Read More