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Organized Labor Looks To Cannabis. Brothers and Sisters Selling Cannabis?

What role they may play if any is yet to be seen but organized labor is looking at oopportunities in the Cannabis business. United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW)  representatives have been in contact with cannabis group’s lobbyist about activities for the 2015 session.

Sharon Ness, lobbyist for the union has been a player recently in “chats” with others about the future of the cannabis business in Washington State. It is only logical the group would look to organizing the cannabis industry workers. At least the food, edible products  of both the recreational and MMJ business play into the traditional role of the union.

A major meeting is scheduled for next week by Ness to discuss all  things cannabis with representatives from a diverse group including some state officials. (IBEW Hall, Tacoma, November 12.)

The money? Imagine additional costs to recreational users and patients if union dues are part of the overall bill. And if passing revisions to the state cannabis laws was not complicated enough, imagine the addition of organized labor at the table.  It’s going to be a very interesting session for cannabis issues.

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