Official Statement from Cary Moon on today’s ballot counts

Today’s ballot counts look very good; we’re still on the right track to make it to the general election this fall and we are ready to confront the challenges facing our city — together.

I was proud to share the stage with all of the candidates for Mayor as we discussed our different approaches and visions for our city. Only two of us will be on the ballot this fall, and I’m encouraged that close to 60% of Seattle’s primary election voters chose one of the five leading candidates who was not backed by big corporations and city hall insiders.

We’re not yet claiming victory. As an engineer, I want to make sure we have our facts right, and as a coalition builder I know it’s going to take all of us working together to ensure our city’s future is not sold to the highest bidder. Seattle’s voters won’t let the future of our city be sunk by status quo thinking and politics as usual. There is too much at stake. Now is the time for change.  We all belong here, and deserve a voice in shaping our city’s future.