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New Combined Calendar “…Sucks.” What Were They Thinking?

I Asked Others What They Think Of The New Combined Calendar:

“It sucks.” That’s the kindest and only printable description I received from folks who got my email last night. On the first Thursday of the session, the night we all normally go over the succeeding week’s hearings, I tried to find the combined calendar. Nothing! It was, as you all know, the most cumbersome, multi-click, linear, 20th century menu I have ever used. As I told Gerry Sheehan at information services, “Either tell me where I view the agendas without going  in and out of main menus fifty times, or please change it.” I further suggested that in their beta run test, they use people who actually use the site. In the real world they call it knowing your customer.

Good News:

Good news, assuming it happens, Mr. Sheehan wrote in a quick and polite email this morning that remedy for a functional platform is on its way. Even the agency folks are whining.

He better hurry. Understand it’s not like we don’t understand digital platforms here at the Wire. We are a digital newspaper for crying out loud.

Fix the site.

Bad News:

The bad news is this is just one more example of public sector folks not knowing their audience. They claim that over 40% of their audience are folks with tablets and phones, not laptops. Really, well just like in all politics, they can have just over 40% and I’ll take just over 50%…we win.

The site “sucks”. It’s practically useless on a desk top or laptop. Phone app is better. But, do we have to go through this during session? What did they do all fall?

Look for this fix, and if you have not told them what you think, send them a kind and supportive note to I’m guessing it’s a little fragile over there right now.

To his credit. Sheehan was quick to respond, polite, and even apologetic regarding the boo, boo. Let’s go forward, but if I may…I WANT MY OLD CALENDAR BACK!

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