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Most egregious claims made against Manweller in investigative report

Central Washington fired Representative Matt Manweller after receiving a full investigative report into allegations of misconduct and harassment made against the Representative. Manweller then sued the university over wrongful termination. When the investigative report on claims against Manweller was made public, Manweller maintained that the allegations were simply a “witch hunt by a liberal university” and were politically motivated.

There has been a lot of back and forth and muddying of the waters in regards to the claims made against Manweller. Manweller even referred to the allegations as “trivial or even nitpicky” in nature. However, when looking at the 85-page report, the allegations are anything but trivial. Here is a rundown of some of the most egregious claims against Manweller made by 15 current and former female students at Central Washington University.

Interviewee D (I.D.), page 17 of the report:

Interviewee D babysat Manweller’s children from November 2015 – June 2016 while she was a student at CWU. During this time, I.D. said Manweller would compliment her appearance and give her unwanted attention.

Interviewee G (I.G.), page 25:

In the spring of 2009, I.G. enrolled in one of Manweller’s classes at the university. During the quarter, her three-year-old son became ill and I.G.’s attendance suffered while she took care of him. During a meeting in Manweller’s office to discuss the class, I.G. describes an uncomfortable and inappropriate meeting in which she took his comments as proposing sex in exchange for educational benefits.

Interviewee H (I.H.), page 29:

A student at CWU who never took a class from Manweller was referred to speak with him about a political science research project she was working on. From the beginning of their interactions, I.H. says Manweller was flirtatious.

A few weeks after first meeting Manweller, I.H. went to lunch with him where she thought they would be discussing her project. Instead, I.H. says Manweller professed feelings for her.

Interviewee L (I.L.), page 36:

I.L. was the complaining party from the 2012 investigation against Manweller. While taking a class from Manweller in the summer of 2006, Manweller called her to his office where I.L. says he discussed going to a hotel with her and discussing a class assignment “orally.”

Interviewee P (I.P.), page 48:

I.P. attended Central from 2008-2012 where she majored in Political Science. During her time at CWU, on occasion I.P. would babysit Manweller’s child in his office. In the report, she describes an inappropriate instance in his office.

Manweller maintains that he has done nothing wrong and asserts that the university is targeting him over his conservative political views. In response to the investigation, Manweller posted the following video.

“I think it’s kind of unusual that Central Washington University only investigates me in election years,” says Manweller in the video. “But this time they did hire a downtown, uber-liberal, feminist attorney and paid her a $120,000 to investigate all aspects of 16 years of my life. And if that’s the worst that they can come up with, I’m okay. But I will tell you this, there is nothing in that report I have to apologize for. The things that are true are not inappropriate. And the things that are inappropriate are not true.”

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