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Letter: Army sends Steve to Estonia in May

Senator Steve Hobbs sent the following letter to his supporters about his deployment to Estonia as a member of the National Guard. Senator Hobbs is currently running for re-election in the 44th District.

So I wanted to take some time to reassure my supporters out there that nothing has changed in my pursuit of winning re-election. However some of you might have heard that I have recently been ordered to deploy to Estonia as part of my military obligation of service in the National Guard.

It is true that I was very recently and suddenly given orders to go to Estonia, for a few short weeks, as part of the Army’s Military Reserve Exchange Program. Essentially this program is an exchange program between NATO countries to foster cultural, social, and military doctrinal understanding. It is critical that we do this to ensure NATO’s viability and to strengthen ties with our allies.

I was selected among a pool of candidates to go and as such I must go because of my obligation as an officer and member of the U.S. Army. I find it an honor to be selected but what will be especially hard will be my time away from my family as I will miss Mother’s Day and several kids sporting events and family activities. As tough as that is I am blessed to have a family that has been with me through tough deployments each time it has made us stronger. The real hero is Pam and the countless number of spouses that must carry on, running the household and family alone while the other is deployed. They are just as important to our nation’s security as are the soldiers that must go in harm’s way.

As many of you know I am a hard campaigner so any time off does not sit well with me. However I want all of you to know the field campaign will continue as my campaign team and volunteers canvas the district. Even though I will not be making fundraising calls or campaigning during my time away I will be having an event when I come back. Think of it as my Campaign Kick Off and Welcome Home party at the same time. Stay tuned for details as my campaign staff puts this together while I’m away.

When you raise your hand to serve your country you don’t always get to choose when and where you go. For me Kosovo and Iraq was like that, luckily Estonia will be short.

Thanks for your understanding and support. I look forward to seeing all again when I return from my mission.

In service,