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Inslee statement on President Trump’s emergency declaration

Below is a press statement, provided by the Office of Washington Governor Jay Inslee, regarding President Trump’s plan to declare a national emergency (read coverage from The New York Times here) in order to build a wall along the US-Mexico border.

“The president’s declaration is an alarming and legally dubious attempt to sidestep the constitutional authority granted to Congress, the co-equal branch of government where debates over immigration reform and border security can be held openly in the light of day. There was a time when Republicans and Democrats were willing to sit at the table and discuss comprehensive immigration reform. Under this administration, those discussions have given way to unilateral and reprehensible actions that separate families, imprison children and launch tear-gas attacks on exhausted mothers and families.

This declaration doesn’t do a single thing to make our nation safer. All it does is further divide Americans, erode our system of checks and balances, and advance the president’s agenda of fear and misinformation. We should all be outraged by this president’s abuse of power.”