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House caucuses fill leadership positions

The Washington State House caucuses filled their leadership rosters this week, officially electing members to designate positions announced in November and filling remaining vacant positions.

House Democrats have a 57-41 edge over Republicans this session. A few positions in the majority will change hands: Rep. Monica Stonier, who served as Deputy Majority Whip last session, will now serve as Majority Floor Leader. Also new to their positions are Reps. Christine Kilduff, Kristine Reeves, Bill Ramos, and Jared Mead. Reps. Ramos and Mead were elected to the Legislature in 2018; Mead is the youngest member in the chamber.

In a press release, Ramos said, “I take the trust my constituents have placed in me seriously. Taking on this leadership role is another way I can uphold that trust. Coordinating floor debate is an important responsibility and I am honored to be asked to serve this role.”

Here’s who will be heading up the caucus:

  • Speaker of the House: Rep. Frank Chopp
  • Majority Leader: Rep. Pat Sullivan
  • Majority Caucus Chair: Rep. Eric Pettigrew
  • Majority Floor Leader: Rep. Monica Stonier
  • Majority Whip: Rep. Marcus Riccelli
  • Speaker Pro Tempore: Rep. John Lovick
  • Deputy Speaker Pro Tempore: Rep. Tina Orwall
  • Deputy Majority Leader: Rep. Larry Springer
  • Majority Caucus Vice Chair: Rep. Lillian Ortiz-Self
  • Deputy Majority Floor Leader: Rep. Christine Kilduff
  • Deputy Majority Whip: Rep. Kristine Reeves
  • Deputy Majority Whip: Rep. Mike Chapman
  • Assistant Majority Whip: Rep. Bill Ramos
  • Assistant Majority Whip: Rep. Jared Mead

Just three members of the House Republican Caucus leadership team will remain in the positions they held last year: Minority Leader Rep. J.T. Wilcox, Deputy Minority Leader Rep. Joel Kretz, and Assistant Minority Floor Leader Rep. Drew MacEwen.

Joining the leadership team are Reps. Paul Harris, Gina Mosbrucker, Jacquelin Maycumber (who delivered the Republican Response to Gov. Inslee’s State of the State address earlier this week), Morgan Irwin, Dan Griffey, Bill Jenkin, Kelly Chambers, and Jenny Graham. Reps. Chambers and Graham were elected to the Legislature in 2018.

Rep. Morgan Irwin issued a press release following his election to the position of Assistant Minority Floor Leader, saying, “It’s an honor and privilege to have earned the trust of my fellow Republican colleagues to serve as a member of our caucus leadership team. We will be navigating complex policy and budgets this session. I look forward to the work ahead, and advancing citizen priorities of holding government accountable, empowering families, keeping communities strong, and offering pathways to making life more affordable. These are the demands of the citizens of our state and the core values of the House Republican Caucus. We will offer solutions that are a better way for a better Washington.”

Here’s the final House Republican leadership roster:

  • Minority Leader: Rep. J.T. Wilcox
  • Deputy Minority Leader: Rep. Joel Kretz
  • Minority Caucus Chair: Rep. Paul Harris
  • Minority Caucus Vice Chair: Rep. Gina Mosbrucker
  • Minority Floor Leader: Rep. Jacquelin Maycumber
  • Assistant Minority Floor Leader: Rep. Drew MacEwen
  • Assistant Minority Floor Leader: Rep. Morgan Irwin
  • Minority Whip: Rep. Dan Griffey
  • Deputy Minority Whip: Rep. Bill Jenkin
  • Assistant Minority Whip: Rep. Kelly Chambers
  • Assistant Minority Whip: Rep. Jenny Graham