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Homelessness: Why Are We Not Having Success?

The homelessness situation is dire in Puget Sound, made more dramatic by a largely inefficient and ineffective policy response by state and local governments. These...Read More

What You Missed: 2017 Re-Wire Policy Conference

We hosted our first annual Re-Wire Policy Conference on December 12th in Seattle. With over 200 attendees, including 25 legislators, this event was one of...Read More

2017 Re-Wire Policy Conference Afternoon Keynote

The Future of Progressive Politics The Democratic Party has been in period of soul searching since the 2016 Presidential primaries. Is it a party of...Read More

2017 Re-Wire Policy Conference Lunch Keynote

A Conversation With Slade Gorton and Rob McKenna Former US Senator Slade Gorton and Former Attorney General Rob McKenna are two of the most successful...Read More

2017 Re-Wire Policy Conference Morning Keynote

Beware the Pitchforks from Widening Inequality Nick Hanauer is one of the country’s leading voices on the state of America’s political economy. In a seminal...Read More

We “Fixed McCleary” – Have We Fixed Public Education?

While the legislature took action that some believe addresses the McCleary decision, not everyone thinks the job is done. This panel will explore one of...Read More

Getting Value from the State’s Health Care Spend

The size of the state health care budget has ballooned under the Affordable Care Act. But, it’s not entirely clear that taxpayers are getting good...Read More

The Hirst Decision and the Capital Budget – What’s The Hold Up?

Water is one of the most important issues in Olympia in 2017, a status that is likely to continue for a long while.  In 2018,...Read More