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The Sunday Observer: Inslee’s interesting Chicago detour

The Sunday Observer is a weekly feature of The Washington Observer, the Wire’s new sister publication. For more of the Observer, check it out on...Read More

Q&A: Rep. JT Wilcox on 2022 legislative priorities

Rep. JT Wilcox (R-2nd LD) serves as the House Republican Leader, and sits on the House Rules Committee. The Wire spoke with Wilcox to see...Read More

Breaking: Re-districting Commission deadlocks

For the first time since Washington State’s commission model for re-districting was formed in 1983, the Re-Districting Commission has deadlocked.  Three commissioners are required to...Read More

Bruce Harrell, mayoral candidate

What could the Seattle election results mean for progressives?

For a third straight election cycle, Seattle voters have elected a centrist Democrat to the mayor’s office, but there’s no clear consensus as to why. ...Read More

Yasmin Trudeau appointed to represent 27th LD in Senate

Yasmin Trudeau on Tuesday was appointed to represent the 27th LD in the Senate following the retirement of longtime senator, Jeannie Darneille (D-Tacoma). Prior to...Read More

Sen. Patty Murray proposes universal pre-K in Build Back Better

Child care costs could be capped at 7% of a family’s income if a child care package from Sen. Patty Murray is passed as part...Read More

Wyman resigns to take federal job, prompting partisan anxiety

Kim Wyman, Washington’s Secretary of State, is resigning next month to take a job with the Joe Biden administration as the senior election security lead...Read More

Port of Seattle Terminal 91

Poll: Harrell, Davison, Mosqueda and Nelson ahead in Seattle races

New polling from the Northwest Progressive Institute sheds light on voter attitudes ahead of the Nov. 2 general election, which will see Seattle elect a...Read More

A closer look at grid reliability and clean energy

How to maintain energy reliability while transitioning to a clean electric grid will be a key issue for state and federal agencies, as well as...Read More

“It’s debilitating.” What’s driving Washington’s ferry problems?

Frustration is mounting over cancelled sailings and service disruptions to Washington State Ferries, and there are calls among lawmakers to make funding ferries a priority...Read More