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Two bills addressing sexual assault die in the Legislature

On Saturday, Representatives Griffey and Caldier released a statement speaking out about two bills they sponsored this session to help sexual assault survivors, but that...Read More

“Governor Inslee Integrity Day”?

Jim Boldt, President of Duckabush Communications/Public Affairs, wrote the following commentary on Sen. Baumgartner’s new proposal to designate April 1, “Governor Jay Inslee Integrity Day.”...Read More

In protest, House Republicans refuse to vote on union bill

On Thursday evening, tensions on the House floor reached a breaking point as Republican Representatives refused to vote on a piece of legislation that would...Read More

Culture trumps strategy, or why legislators failed to learn from the mistakes of Congress

Sometimes, you have to jam something through the legislature. Sometimes you can’t wait to let stakeholders get too engaged, too organized and too mobilized to...Read More

Podcast: Looking Ahead to the 2018 Elections

The 2018 legislative and congressional elections will be some of the most active, high cost, and potentially divisive in recent memory. With midterm elections right...Read More

Statements from legislative caucus leaders on Legislative Public Records Act

Leaders from all four caucuses in the Legislature released the following comments following the announcement of SB 6617, a bill to exempt the Legislature from...Read More

Bill to remove the Legislature from Public Records Act quickly runs into opposition

On Thursday afternoon, the House and Senate State Government, Tribal Relations & Elections committees came together for a joint work session on SB 6617, a...Read More

Capital gains tax unlikely to pass in the Senate

This week, House and Senate Democrats released their supplemental budget proposals. Both budgets focused on funding education, supporting mental health services, and providing property tax...Read More

Wire Insider: Representative JT Wilcox

Representative JT Wilcox is a member of the House Appropriations, Finance, and Rules Committees. He also currently serves on the House Republican leadership as floor...Read More

Sen. Ericksen proposes $1 billion tax cut for Washingtonians

In a press conference on Wednesday, Senator Doug Ericksen spoke with media about his proposed $1 billion tax cut to provide relief for Washingtonians who...Read More