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Some Washington lawmakers pushing to make internet a public utility

While Seattle is effectively positioning itself as a hub for innovation in the emerging technology industry, some rural Washington counties are still struggling to get...Read More

Erin Fenner

Could Washington be a home to virtual reality tech?

Washington is positioned to lead a tech boom with an emphasis on virtual reality technology, a group of virtual reality leaders told the House Technology...Read More

$15B Transportation Package Clears First Test as Lt. Gov. Sweeps Aside 2/3rds Rule

A $15 billion transportation package that funds a slew of major to medium-sized transportation projects in Washington state with an 11.7-cent gas tax increase cleared...Read More

The Green Sheet for March 2 – All Eyes on Owen

All attention at the Capitol will be focused on Lt. Gov. Brad Owen’s office Monday morning, anticipating his ruling on the transportation package that was barreling toward...Read More

Will Traffic Gridlock Break Legislative Bottleneck on Transportation Funding?

As Sen. Steve Hobbs, D-Lake Stevens, put it, last week’s roll out of a transportation package in the Senate may have been a moment for...Read More

Bipartisan Group of Senators Unveil $15B Transportation Package

Two Senate Republicans and two Democrats unveiled a $15 billion transportation package that would be paid for mostly with an 11.7-cent increase in the tax...Read More

Report Hits WSDOT Over Bridge Repair Costs, Risk Assessment

As Washington state prepares to potentially invest heavily in improving its bridge network, the Department of Transportation has failed to adequately estimate the long-term costs...Read More

Oil Train Safety Under Scrutiny in the Legislative Session

Oil train regulation was back in the spotlight during a hearing before the Senate Energy Committee Thursday afternoon on a bill sponsored by Sen. Doug...Read More

Inslee Rolls Out Capital Gains Tax, $5B Increase in State Spending

In describing the prospect of taxing carbon emissions last week, Gov. Jay Inslee said it offers Washington state “a two-fer, maybe even a three-fer” because...Read More

Carbon Revenue For Schools, Roads Ups Ante In Looming Budget Fight

Holding his finger to the political winds, Gov. Jay Inslee, it seems, has determined Washington state voters have little appetite for an increase in the...Read More