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Senate Bill 5811 moves from Senate floor to House Environment & Energy Committee

More than a month after passing in the Senate, Senate Bill 5811 got its day in the House Environment & Energy Committee for a public...Read More

Becker bill requiring payment parity for telemedicine services passes Senate

Senate Bill 5385, which requires that physicians be paid for telemedicine services at the same rate as if those services had been provided in person,...Read More

Voting rights bill introduced in session’s fifth week

A new bill, Senate Bill 6688, was introduced in the Senate State Government, Tribal Relations & Elections Committee Wednesday. The bill would require certain counties,...Read More

Series of housing bills pass out of the House Finance Committee

A series of affordable housing bills were on the docket for the House Finance Committee’s executive session on Monday. All moved forward with a “do...Read More

Morning Wire: AG Bob Ferguson, B&O tax, Rep. Joe Fitzgibbon

Good midday to you — Happy Election Day! There is the New Hampshire primary, of course. But, also mobile voting in King County, and a host of local bond measures....Read More

Rep. Debolt reflects on lessons from 24 years in the House

Rep. Richard Deblot shares some thoughts on a 24-year legislative career...Read More

Q&A: Why Attorney General Bob Ferguson is pushing a Domestic Workers Bill of Rights

Attorney General Bob Ferugson is making a concerted effort this session to enshrine what he and Governor Inslee have called a “Domestic Workers Bill of...Read More

Wire Insider: Rep. Joe Fitzgibbon

Rep. Joe Fitzgibbon represents Washington’s 34th District. He serves as Chair of the House Environment & Energy Committee. Rep. Fitzgibbon joins us as a “Wire...Read More

Policy experts sound off on difference between Hobbs’s, Inslee’s transportation policies

After Sen. Steve Hobbs (D-44th District) re-introduced his transportation package in the Senate Transportation Committee last week, some are comparing the package to Gov. Jay...Read More

Prior authorization bill goes to Ways & Means

Substitute Senate Bill 6404 passed in the Senate Health & Long-Term Care Committee this week and was referred to the Ways & Means Committee, sending...Read More