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Supreme Court rules legislature finally in full compliance with the McCleary decision

On Thursday, the Supreme Court ruled that the state has fulfilled its paramount duty and is now in full compliance with the McCleary decision. The court...Read More

Schoesler says Republican senators will work to ensure Washington remains best place for aerospace

Senator Schoesler offered this response to the governor’s announcement that highlighted a study characterizing Washington as the best place to build airplanes...Read More

Gov. Inslee fields questions on head tax and ST3 lawsuit during aerospace press conference

Inslee answers questions on how Seattle's head tax and the ST3 lawsuit might impact Boeing's continued business in Washington....Read More

Dean Logan strikes again

If you were following Washington State politics in 2004, you’ll recall a very tight gubernatorial election.  Chris Gregoire, then the sitting Democratic Attorney General, faced...Read More

Building Trades clarifies, corrects our coverage on support for I-1631

We recently reported that the Washington State Labor Council did not endorse I-1631, the carbon tax initiative. It failed to get the two-thirds support required...Read More

AG Ferguson files campaign finance lawsuits against Facebook, Google 

AG Ferguson filed campaign finance lawsuits on Monday alleging Facebook and Google failed to maintain legally required information for political advertising placed on their online...Read More

US Supreme Court rules on same-sex marriage case with implications in Washington

Inslee: "Our effort to protect couples from unlawful discrimination was upheld in the Arlene’s Flowers case by our state Supreme Court last year, and remains...Read More

Washington called a “blockade” to international trade during Montana Energy Summit

During the 2018 Montana Energy Summit, Republican lawmakers and energy industry leaders called out Washington State as a barrier to international trade...Read More

A conversation with Rep. Slatter on the Future of Work Task Force

From automation and artificial intelligence to the rise of the gig economy, the way we work is transforming in Washington....Read More

Report: severe decline in new business creation following the Great Recession

Twenty U.S. counties alone generated half of the United States’ new business establishments in the 2010s....Read More