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Where Inslee’s bills stand with two session days left

With a little over two days left, legislators have done the legwork to get 12 Inslee-request bills over the finish line....Read More

Q&A: Sen. Randi Becker on telemedicine & mental health this session

"My vision is: In the future, we’ll probably never have to go see a doctor. That doctor will be available to us, probably, 24/7."...Read More

Federal judge blocks Trump Admin family planning “gag rule” nationwide

Ferguson has filed 35 lawsuits against the Trump Administration and has not lost a case. Ferguson now has 21 legal victories against the Trump Administration....Read More

Playing cards, rallies, & rest breaks for hospital staff

What looks like a resolution for one of the central narratives in Olympia this week: A bill related to rest breaks and mandatory-overtime protections for...Read More

House Democrats will select new speaker this summer

The state House Democratic Caucus will meet July 31 to select a replacement for Speaker Frank Chopp, who is stepping aside after 20 years in...Read More

Washington’s health care community unites to oppose Medicaid budget cuts

In a series of letters sent to legislators, members of Washington’s health care community have come together to oppose cuts to the state’s Medicaid program...Read More

Sen. Walsh’s statement regarding House Bill 1155

"I want to offer my heartfelt apologies to those I offended with my comments on the Senate floor last Tuesday. I was tired, and in...Read More

WSNA reacts to Sen. Walsh’s comment that nurses at critical access hospitals “probably play cards”

“We know that Sen. Walsh has apologized for the remarks there, and we understand that she said she was tired and she made a mistake,”...Read More

Guest post: A smile and legacy to bridge the political divide

A tribute to Hunter Goodman, former Secretary of the Washington State Senate, who passed away on April 17, 2019....Read More

Unique partnership gets extension for water planning in the Walla Walla Basin

Washington Gov. Inslee signed a bill into law Friday that will extend the Walla Walla Watershed Management Partnership for two more years, after the bipartisan...Read More