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Morning Wire: Mental Health Legislation, Constructive Disagreement, Palumbo on GMA

Next week, we release our Topical Agenda for the 2018 Re-Wire Policy Conferencecoming up on December 13th.  We’re taking some final input from stakeholders and sponsors...Read More

Morning Wire: Changes to state labor law, Paine Field, and Congress disruptors

We try to cover the politics, personalities and political economy of the State of Washington.  We also try to curate for you interesting news bites...Read More

Morning Wire: Sen. Annette Cleveland, “decision packages,” 8th CD polling 

We have lots of budget content for you this week, as well as a great conversation with Sen. Annette Cleveland for our podcast subscribers. If...Read More

Morning Wire: Frockt/Baumgartner, McMorris Rodgers/Brown, Convening Panel

Collaborations at the Global Climate Action Summit, remarks from McMorris Rodgers and Brown, and the Re-Wire Convening Panel are all featured in this week's edition...Read More

Morning Wire: HCA turnover, public records task force, economic review

New SEIU leadership, turnover at the HCA, and the second quarter economic review are all featured in this week's Morning Wire....Read More

Morning Wire: Amazon, budget requests, WPUDA

This week we have an update on the latest in teacher strikes and negotiations, an outlook on agency budget requests, and details on the emergence...Read More

Morning Wire: 5th CD, “Why we sponsor the Wire,” teacher strikes

We have seven things curated for you this week, each of which we think is worth your time.  Most track Washington State politics, but we...Read More

Morning Wire: JT Wilcox, I-1639, Washington wildfires

Two Republican's views on the media, wildfires, and initiatives in the Supreme Court are all featured in this week's edition of the Morning Wire....Read More

Morning Wire: Election update, Pfizer, SeaTac plane incident

Election updates for the State House and Senate, a new bill clearing the way for the Millennium coal terminal, and ......Read More

Morning Wire: Primary elections, Rainy Day Fund lawsuit, orca task force

Primary elections races to watch, two more initiatives on the ballot, and the dismissal of Eyman's Rainy Day Fund lawsuit are all featured in this...Read More