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The 9th Order

One Year of the Senate Majority Coalition Caucus – the Bipartisan Coalition That Was Never Supposed to Last

When two Democrats bolted from their caucus to join with the Senate Republicans a year ago, many wondered how long their new majority coalition would...Read More

Let There be Lights!

A Capitol tradition played out Friday as Gov. Jay Inslee and the Association of Washington Business staged the annual tree-lighting ceremony in the Legislative Building...Read More

What WSW Senior Editor Jim Boldt Did on His November Vacation

Washington State Wire senior editor Jim Boldt has just flown home from his November vacation -- and boy are his arms tired. Here he informs...Read More

‘Today is Special’ and Not a Special Session

Veterans from a number of wars stood and were honored by the audience as the band in turn played the Army, Navy, Marine, and Air...Read More

You Know the Election is Slow When Advisory Votes are the Talk of the Watercooler – a Handful of Interesting Contests on an Otherwise Ho-Hum Ballot

For all the grinding of teeth you hear in Olympia about the five tax advisory votes that go before Washington voters this year, the state’s...Read More

State Labor Council Names New Legislative and Policy Director

The Washington State Labor Council has named a new legislative and policy director who will figure in the perennial battles between labor and business on...Read More

From Deep Inside the Mansion – Staffers Name Their Favorite All-Time Legislators, From the Opposite Party

We're hearing this one from folks who were there. Gov. Jay Inslee hosted the Legislature's political staffs, Republicans and Democrats, for a dinner at the...Read More

Washington State Wire’s First-Ever Caption Contest — What Were They Saying When Gov. Jay Inslee Presented ‘Legislator of the Year Awards’ to Tom and Schoesler?

Honest to God, it really happened -- Gov. Jay Inslee presented the annual 'legislator of the year' award from the Association of Washington Business to...Read More

Inslee Administration Communicates via 140-Character Haiku – Holds ‘Twitter Town Hall’ on New Strategic Plan

Gov. Inslee's staff embraces the brave new world of Twitter for a forum on one of the most complicated ideas in ages, an ambitious goal-setting...Read More

Republicans Make the Obvious Point About Sonntag Excommunication

As the state Democratic Party denounces former state Auditor Brian Sonntag for heresy, the state Republican Party is having a bit of fun. You know...Read More