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The 9th Order

Analysis: Budget Week, Budget Speak- A Modest Glossary Of Key Fiscal Terms

This week, so we are told, the Governor will expose his budget to public scrutiny, of which there should be plenty. The far left will,...Read More

Lawmakers Are Limited To 12 Free Meals A Year, But Is Another Step Needed?

Now that Washington state has limited the number of meals a legislator can have on a lobbyist’s dime to 12 in a calendar year, an...Read More

Panel Curbs Number of Lobbyist-Paid Meals for Washington Lawmakers

The Washington state Legislative Ethics Board made it official Tuesday – no more than 12 free meals each year for legislators on a lobbyist’s dime....Read More

We’re Back, and 2015 Will Be a Barn-Burner!

This week we have introduced you to our new lead reporter, Peter Jensen,who will begin reporting on October 13. In weeks to come we will...Read More

Starting October 13 Meet The New Washington State Wire Reporter: Peter Jensen

My name is Peter Jensen, and I’m the new reporter for the Washington State Wire. I come to the Wire after spending the last three...Read More

CarbonWA Kicks Off Their Carbon Tax Shift Campaign

The next two years promise to be one of the most dramatic periods in the political history of Washington State. In addition to extraordinary state...Read More

Solar Energy Draws a Crowd

On June 30 the Washington State University Energy Program held a meeting in Olympia on Solar Energy in Washington State. The WSU Energy Program Director,...Read More

Green Emissions and Green Shortfalls Highlight Tuesday

On Tuesday the Governor's Carbon Emissions Reduction Taskforce continued its work on a cap and trade proposal while the House Finance Committee heard more about...Read More

Washington State Wire is Back

It’s been a quiet month on the website, however offline we’ve been hard at work outlining the issues for the interim and recruiting new contributors...Read More

Washington State Wire Takes a Break — Back in Two Weeks

Washington State Wire takes a two-week break with the departure of lead writer Erik Smith to the Seattle Times. We're in the process of restaffing...Read More