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The 9th Order

Creating space for constructive disagreement on policy

The hearings for Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s appointment to the Supreme Court, including the testimony from Dr. Chrstine Blasey Ford,  created a watershed moment for American...Read More

Zombie Lobbyists Coming to State Capitol Tuesday

The Department of Enterprise Services sent this notice out a little while ago: Filming at Capitol to close campus road on March 17 The north...Read More

Adele Ferguson, “Adella the Hun,” A Freshman Mistake That Had To Be Cleaned Up. 1975

It was sometime in the winter of 1975 when a couple of Eastern Washington freshman House members started grousing about Adele Ferguson’s acidic description of...Read More

Freedom Foundation Alleges SEIU 775 was Never Certified to Negotiate (Updated With SEIU Response)

The Freedom Foundation has filed an unfair labor practice complaint with the state’s Public Employment Relations Commission Tuesday, which is discussed below in its news release....Read More

Gov. Inslee Says Cap-and-Trade Will Get ‘Serious Consideration’

Emptying the notebook from Gov. Jay Inslee’s weekly meeting with the press corps Friday morning: Cap-and-trade is starting the legislative process in both the House...Read More

New Combined Calendar “…Sucks.” What Were They Thinking?

I Asked Others What They Think Of The New Combined Calendar: “It sucks.” That’s the kindest and only printable description I received from folks who...Read More

Dem Lawmakers Introduce Paid-Sick Leave, $12 Minimum Wage Legislation

A host of Democratic lawmakers and union members were on hand Thursday afternoon to introduce legislation raising the statewide minimum wage to $12 an hour,...Read More

Senate Imposes Two-Thirds Requirement on New Taxes

Parliamentary maneuvering on the Senate floor during the first afternoon of the legislative session imposed a two-thirds majority requirement before a bill implementing new taxes...Read More

2/3’s Majority, Why? Hold The Torries

Analysis: Why 2/3’s for taxes? When a caucus has an even skinny margin, say 25/24 one would think they all realize that hanging together is...Read More

The 42 Twitter Accounts to Understand the 2015 Legislative Session

With the start of Washington’s legislative session now less than a week away, I wanted to compile of a list of the top Twitter accounts to...Read More