Column: Janus v AFSCME

The U.S. Supreme Court recently announced, for the second time in two years, that it would address one of the most significant and contentious labor...Read More

What advice did Governor receive on B&O tax cut veto?

There were many twists and turns during this year’s record 193 day legislative session. Perhaps none was as surprising or shocking than the Governor vetoing a B&O...Read More

Lord of Open Government: One Standard to Rule Them All

When it comes to complying with Washington’s renowned open government laws, the Legislature has maintained it should be held to a different standard than local governments....Read More

Chairman Hutchison Addresses 8th Congressional District Race

Washington State Republican Party Chairman Susan Hutchison addresses WA-8 seat held by Dave Reichert, who announced that he was not seeking reelection: First, I want...Read More

Gov. Inslee statement on U.S. Senate health care hearings

I am encouraged by the bipartisan process beginning today in the United States Senate to help stabilize health insurance markets across the country. I especially...Read More

AG Ferguson vows to take legal action if Trump cancels DACA

Attorney General Bob Ferguson issued the following statement following news reports that President Donald Trump plans to announce an end to the Deferred Action for...Read More

A Conversation with David Postman, Chief of Staff to Gov. Inslee

Usually, if you know the name of the Governor’s Chief of Staff, it’s because you’re either an Olympia insider – or because something really bad...Read More

Column: We can make free community college a reality for every Seattle public high school graduate

For more than a decade, progressive Democrats have called for addressing the affordability barriers that keep many young Americans from attending college. It is one...Read More

Senate committee discusses collective bargaining transparency

The Senate Commerce & Labor Committee held a work session yesterday on “public transparency in collective bargaining negotiations.” Despite the strong mandate for government transparency declared by the people...Read More

Washington Republicans respond to events in Charlottesville

With all ongoing media attention focused on the recent white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, and the resulting counter-protests and violence, the Wire reached out...Read More

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