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OPINION: Municipals That Block Cannabis Should Be Blocked From Revenue Sharing. Fair is Fair.

The 800 Pound Primate and A Bag Of Peanuts It’s been no secret that there is a less than subtle concern by a well established,...Read More

Two More Prefiled Cannabis Bills, Senator River’s Promised 48 Page MMJ Cleanup Up Is In

Washington Heads Toward An Almost Single Regulatory Platform The long awaited full rewrite of the state’s Medical Marijuana (MMJ) law was prefiled for introduction Thursday...Read More

Rivers, Appleton and Hatfield Lead Out With Cannabis Bill Prefile, Kohl-Welles Will Follow

The Comprehensive Cannabis Bills Have Not Sprouted Yet. Except for Representative Appleton’s, D-23rd, essential re-write of the Medical Marijuana Law (MMJ), 2015 legislation pertaining to...Read More

Cannabis Wars Part 3: The Proposals

The Framework: Discussions with the players, staff and legislators reveal a larger common core of remedies for Washington’s conflicting, inharmonious cannabis laws than one would...Read More

Seattle Echo-This Time Cannabis

Seattle Starts Their Own Cannabis Reform: Usually, just when all the interests on transportation start to coalesce on a transportation funding and project agreement, the...Read More

Cannabis Wars Part 2: The Background, The Battle

Cannabis Wars 2015 A friend of mine asked if the term Cannabis Wars was a little melodramatic. It made me think about the discussions I...Read More

Mayor Murray Announces MMJ Symposium-Cannabis Wars Issues On Local Government’s Agneda

Seattle Mayor Ed Murray announces symposium on MMJ. Main agenda items are main issues for 2015 legislative session. Local government leads the way, Murray’s announcement...Read More

The Cannabis Wars 2015-The Future Of MMJ: Two Pre-Session Post-Election Hearings

The Elections And Cannabis: Like you, we’ve read all the accounts about the impact of last week’s election on the general make-up of the legislature...Read More

Marr Announces He’s Leaving Liquor Board

Liquor Control Board (LCB) member and former State Senator Chris Marr will leave the liquor and cannabis regulatory panel in January, the former Spokane Auto...Read More

Organized Labor Looks To Cannabis. Brothers and Sisters Selling Cannabis?

What role they may play if any is yet to be seen but organized labor is looking at oopportunities in the Cannabis business. United Food...Read More