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Differences in how the House & Senate plan to fund DSHS

The operating budget bill House Democrats passed off the floor last week totaled $52.8 billion, while the Senate’s proposing a slightly smaller package, at $52.2...Read More

Reps. Wilcox and Stokesbary comment on the proposed House operating budget

Washington House Minority Leader J.T. Wilcox and Rep. Drew Stokesbary, lead budget writer for House Republicans, talked to members of the media about House Democrats’...Read More

Morning Wire: House budget, Rep. Drew MacEwen, how budget-writing works

Budget season is upon us, and we’re dedicating this edition of Morning Wire to parsing out what that means and what could be in store....Read More

The 90%, the 9%, and the 1%, or how the budget process actually works

"Ninety percent of people in Olympia play defense. Only nine percent can play offense. But only one percent can play in the budget."...Read More

Tax changes in the House Democrats’ budget

Washington House Democrats’ 2019-21 Proposed Operating Budget includes $52.6 billion in spending, funded in-part by a new tax and changes to existing taxes. Three budget-related...Read More

Update features stronger-than-expected revenue growth

Based on the strong revenue numbers, the Council revised its revenue forecast upward by $307 million for the 2017-19 biennium and $554 million for the...Read More

Hobbs’s $17 billion transportation package gets public hearing

Senator Steve Hobbs’s ambitious 10-year transportation plan had its public hearing on Thursday afternoon in the Senate Transportation Committee. The funding plan, which Hobbs is...Read More

Gov. Inslee announces $675 million plan to “transform” Washington’s behavioral health system

Washington Governor Jay Inslee formally announced a $675 million plan yesterday that aims to guide a transformation of Washington’s behavioral health system as part of...Read More

Task force narrows recommendations for improving school-construction funding

The Improving State Funding for School Construction Joint Legislative Task Force held a meeting yesterday, in which members discussed recommendations due to the legislature December...Read More

Sawant votes no on $5.9 bill Seattle budget, cites lack of affordable housing funds

Monday, the Seattle City Council voted 8-1 to pass a $5.9 billion city budget proposal for 2019-2020. Its passage means next year’s budget will be $300...Read More