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Schumacher directs state agencies to identify operating budget savings options

David Schumacher, Director of the Washington Office of Financial Management (OFM) sent a memo to state agency directors this week asking that they identify options...Read More

How big is the Washington State budget deficit?

Unofficial reports are circulating that the June revenue forecast will post a new revenue shortfall of “$7 billion.” Is that a big number? Is that...Read More

Q&A: Sen. Joe Nguyen is working on a budget proposal that protects vital services

Persisting inequities have been top of mind for Senator Joe Nguyen as he’s worked to shore up social services and protections through progressive legislation. He’s...Read More

Q&A: Rep. Jake Fey sounds off on the transportation revenue shortfalls to come

With Washingtonians homebound, the state is seeing the early stages of what will likely be a daunting transportation revenue shortfall. Ferry revenue is down about...Read More

Inslee reduces new spending in supplemental operating budget by $445 million

Gov. Jay Inslee signed the 2020 supplemental operating and capital budgets on Friday afternoon, vetoing $445 million in new spending. Since the Legislature approved the...Read More

Budget notes: the devil is in the detail

The budget is a big document that moves quickly at the end of session. Few have access to the totality of the 814-page document until...Read More

Senate and House agree on 2020 supplemental operating budget

Lawmakers in the House and Senate today unveiled a $1 billion, 2020 supplemental operating budget. At the center of the budget is a $160 million...Read More

How the operating budgets address Coronavirus

With the growing threat of coronavirus, or COVID-19, foremost on the minds of many, both the House and Senate supplemental operating budgets allotted amounts to...Read More

Senate debates amendments to supplemental operating budget

Several amendments were discussed in the Senate floor debate on Thursday regarding Senate Bill 6168, or the supplemental operating budget as proposed by the Senate...Read More

Transportation budget gets public hearing in Senate Transportation Committee

The Senate Transportation Committee conducted a public hearing on the chamber’s supplemental transportation budget on Wednesday, the third of three budgets the Senate rolled out...Read More