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Introducing the future of the Washington State Wire

As the Washington Legislature convenes, kicking off the year of government and politics in earnest, I want to take this opportunity to introduce myself as...Read More

We’re hiring for a State Government and Political Reporter. Want to join us?

We are looking to add to our reporting team at the Wire, and would love to have your help in finding another scribe to our...Read More

We’re taking the week off

It’s been a busy few months at the Wire. Since the year began, we’ve covered the 2020 Legislative Session, impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, the...Read More

Our “new normal,” or how we are changing to respond to COVID

A number of our readers know I used to be a consultant. I would sometimes lobby. I worked on health care and human services issues,...Read More

Want to join the team?

Interested in a conversation with us at the Wire about joining our team? We'd love to chat....Read More

We’re back!

With the close of the legislative session, our team at the Wire took a little break. It was a special opportunity to walk away from...Read More

We’re taking a few weeks off…

After a busy 105 -day session, and coming off of what was an active election season, our team at the Wire is going to take...Read More

A penny for your thoughts?

Now that we’re through a busy legislative session, we’re going to take a little time away. Anyone who has gone through a legislative session will...Read More

Use our stuff. Seriously, go ahead.

Our content is free to use however you'd like. Here are a few guidelines when you repost....Read More