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Q&A: Meet the Wire’s Madeline Shannon

My colleague Madeline Shannon is a new reporter covering the legislature for the Wire. She joins us after a career covering beats in California and...Read More

Want to join the team?

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We’re back!

With the close of the legislative session, our team at the Wire took a little break. It was a special opportunity to walk away from...Read More

We’re taking a few weeks off…

After a busy 105 -day session, and coming off of what was an active election season, our team at the Wire is going to take...Read More

A penny for your thoughts?

Now that we’re through a busy legislative session, we’re going to take a little time away. Anyone who has gone through a legislative session will...Read More

Use our stuff. Seriously, go ahead.

Our content is free to use however you'd like. Here are a few guidelines when you repost....Read More