Building our Re-Wire Policy Conference agenda

We’re getting excited as the details for our 2017 Re-Wire Policy Conference are coming together nicely!

The event will have 300-400 senior civic leaders, corporate executives, and policy makers from across the political spectrum and economic sphere.  The idea of the event is to help bridge the gap between the world of regulated markets, civic issues and policy makers to foster a better dialog, to challenge “group think,” and help improve Washington State’s politics.

It’s an ambitious goal – but it’s why we’ve built such an amazing Convening Panel of leaders to help us build the agenda.

To have an event that is reflective of the most pressing topics of the day, and is inclusive of a broad swath of opinions and perspectives, we need a Convening Panel that is touching on as many parts of our politics and economics as possible.

So, we’ve recruited an impressive group of civic, political and economic leaders that can help us.  They have been – individually and collectively – awesome.  I can’t thank them enough for their input.

We’ve met once together formally, but had a number of separate, independent discussions as well.  That input, complemented by the input of our readers, friends, and other folks interested in a bi-partisan policy event, continues.

We’ll release our Topical Agenda in September.  When it’s out, we’d appreciate your feedback as well as the agenda will continue to evolve to reflect the topics of the day.

It’ll also evolve as we line up speakers.  I expect we’ll have about 70-80 speakers all together in this one day event.  It’ll be a tremendous lineup.

But, it’s not a party unless you’re with us!  We’ll open registration after Labor Day, and would love to have you with us!

Expect more from us soon.