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Ben Stuckart announces candidacy for mayor of Spokane

Spokane City Council President Ben Stuckart announced he will run for mayor in 2019.┬áStuckart’s announcement took place Friday afternoon at the McKinley School building.


Stuckart previously filed to run for Mayor back in 2016 before deciding to pursue a congressional seat. He ultimately withdrew from that race due to family health issues.

Stuckart’s campaign website lists many issues he hopes to tackle while mayor of Spokane including improving community safety, developing low-income housing, and addressing carbon pollution. He also lists 10 different controversies that have taken place during his time as council president including voting to move rocks under the freeway to deter homeless people, an ethics violation, and his proposal to tax gun purchases.

Stuckart, a Democrat, will be vying for the mayor’s office currently held by conservative Mayor David Condon.┬áBoth Condon and Stuckart are set to reach the term limits of their current positions in November 2019.