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AG Ferguson announces support of 1631 after voters confuse him with McKenna

Last week, Attorney General Bob Ferguson announced his endorsement of I-1631, Washington’s carbon fee initiative, at a press conference with the “Yes on 1631” campaign.

This is just the second time Ferguson has taken a position on an initiative during his six years in office. According to Ferguson, his move to endorse I-1631 was in part due to voters’ confusion between former Attorney General Rob McKenna and himself.

“One of the most ubiquitous ads we’re seeing right now features my predecessor Rob McKenna in which he starts off by saying, “As your Attorney General, I fought for consumers.” Somewhat amazingly…my office has received phone calls and emails, I’ve received phone calls and emails, folks [working on the campaign] have received phone calls and emails saying, “Hey, why does Bob Ferguson oppose this initiative?” Folks are confusing me with my predecessor Rob McKenna,” said Ferguson at the press conference.

“I get it, sort of two skinny guys with glasses who were/are Attorneys General. But in all seriousness, I’m getting this a lot. A lot. So I want to set the record straight, to all the voters in the state that this Attorney General, that I strongly support this initiative. It’s only the second time I’ve taken a position on an initiative. I want folks to know how important this decision is as they go to the polls this November.”

The Yes on 1631 campaign has since released a campaign ad featuring Ferguson, where at the end he states,

“That’s why this Attorney General is saying yes on 1631.”