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A round up of Inslee tv appearances

Inslee had a very strong schedule of TV appearances over the weekend and on Monday following his campaign kickoff.

Rather than try to transcribe them all for you, the Inslee campaign released this set of links and select quotations. They are pasted below for your review.

CNN’s ‘New Day’ – March 5, 2019 | Link
“I present a perfect vision that is opposite to Donald Trump’s. His is one of pessimism and fear and division. My vision is a growing, expansive America that will defeat climate change as the highest priority of the United States, something that he has said is a hoax. This is an urgent matter. We need to have a president who will call forth America to a higher mission statement. I do believe it is our destiny to defeat climate change and build a new economy.”

MSNBC’s ‘The Rachel Maddow Show’ – March 4, 2019 | Link
“And we know that climate is an emergency. If you go to Paradise, California as I did, a town of 25,000, and you walk through or drive through like I did at dark, it looks like a neutron bomb went off. It looks like an apocalypse and eighty-plus people died. We have a true national emergency, it is climate change, it demands an immediate response, but the best way to do it is to have congress and the president pass legislation and get this job done.”

ABC’s ‘The View’ – March 4, 2019 | Link
“The reason fundamentally I’m running is because we need a president who will say this, ‘America is going to defeat climate change, it is our destiny, and we will do this.’ And I am convinced of this, but to do this we have to have a leader who will say fundamentally and unequivocally that this is the number one priority in the United States. It has to be because of the nature of this challenge. This is the greatest peril we have but also the greatest promise.”

ABC’s ‘This Week With George Stephanopoulos’ – March 3, 2019 | Link
“Look, I really believe that the way to win this is to talk about the basic American character of who we are. We think big. We go to the moon. We invent. We create. We build. We lead the world, we don’t follow it. I think we have got to argue this from a character standpoint, and an optimistic standpoint, because that’s what wins in America, and I truly believe that.”