A New Director At DOE? End Of June: DOE, Booze And A Calendar

Article by WashingtonStateWire. Published on Friday, July 01, 2011 EST.

June Wrap up: 1. New Director At DOEcology? 2. Booze: What will they do next? 3. Late Late Leg.wa.gov


With Manning Gone, Who Will Run DOE?


We’ve talked to a number of lobbyists from the business community. For those of you in Centrist Seattle that is not a suburb south of Federal Way. You already call that “Tacoma”. The business community is a group of people who actually produce value added products and services to our state’s struggling economy. They do not provide programmatic schemes with involuntary tax dollars or non-2/3’s voted fees.


Anyway, a lot of these lobbyists tell stories of working environmental issues during the session. Whether it was air, or water discharge, or anyone of the entangled Puget Sound issues they all tell the same story. After hours or days of discussions and negotiations they ended up in Jay Manning’s office or checking with his office to see if the plan would actually be accepted by DOE. This leads us to believe that Jay is/was still the director of the agency. Is this a generalization? NO.


So our question is, will the governor appoint a new director or is there someone at DOE who can step up and become the director?


Booze: The Incumbent Junta continues to try and appease a restless constituency.


How transparent is the announcement by the liquor board? They actually are going to start operating some of the liquor stores like…stores. Uniform and later hours. Finally? We hope the pathetic gesture is too little too late. Of all things in Washington government whose time has come, it is private business sales of spirits.


We are looking for more coming out of the state to try and hold the inefficient and restrictive monopoly. How about signage that can actually be seen? A couple of seminars on customer relations would be good. Just so long as they don’t start those silly in-store cards. You know the ones we all use so the grocery store can overcharge for something, then when you swipe your special membership card you get the reduced price, which is what it should have been priced at in the first place. Oh Oh, that was a swipe at the private sector. I hate those cards.


Late Late Leg.wa.gov calendar.


Someone at the legislature finally put up the calendar of hearings for July…on the 29th of June. Good thing the folks working these issues have nothing to do and nothing to plan for. They just wait until two days before the start of the month and then make plans. The interim is off to a slow start.