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Morning Wire: Sen. Maureen Walsh, death penalty bill, Rep. Matt Shea

Some of the most important topics in Washington State politics, written with smart brevity, for your quick read....Read More

Matt Shea’s Liberty State campaign: “Stage II” begins January 2019

Rep. Matt Shea, who recently received national attention for a written manifesto he authored on the “Biblical Basis for War,” is also well-known for his...Read More

4th LD

Ted Cummings “galvanized” by support following Matt Shea’s manifesto

Over the last few days, public reaction to news that state Rep. Matt Shea wrote and distributed a manifesto entitled “Biblical Basis for War” has...Read More

Rep. Matt Shea calls press “dirty, godless, hateful people”

Rep. Matt Shea has worked to establish himself as a “Christian Conservative” politician, a secessionist from the State of Washington, and a supporter of the...Read More

Someone’s Painting Swastikas on Matt Shea’s Campaign Signs – and Conservative Republican Smells a Hate Crime

State Rep. Matt Shea, R-Spokane Valley, sees a hate crime in the spray-painted nastiness that has been showing up on his campaign signs throughout the...Read More

Morning Wire: Intra-party conflict, Rep. Matt Boehnke, Joshua Collins

We publish this newsletter once a week during the session, featuring some of our reporting and additional links to political conversations and policy discussions taking...Read More

House releases supporting documents in Shea investigation

As indicated by reporting from earlier today, the House released supporting documents cited in the Rampart Group’s investigatory report concerning the conduct of Rep. Matt...Read More

Harris says imminent release of documents will help explain Shea suspension

House Republican Caucus Chair Rep. Paul Harris told the Wire this morning that documents further elucidating Rep. Matt Shea’s engagement with activities investigators have classified...Read More

Rep. Shea participates in controversial “New Code of the West” conference

Over the weekend, Washington State Representative Matt Shea participated in the controversial “New Code of the West” conference in Whitefish, Montana. The conference was hosted...Read More

State Senate Nominee Arrested in Vegas

By: Jim Camden | The Spokesman-Review The race to succeed state Sen. Bob McCaslin certainly seems to be heating up. Spokane County precinct committee officers...Read More