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A screenshot of some of the discussion between the accounts of Rep. Matt Manweller and the Seattlish blog.

Equal Pay Day comment stirs up Twitter fight between Rep. Matt Manweller and Seattlish

An interesting interaction emerged over Twitter Tuesday afternoon between Rep. Matt Manweller and the Seattlish blog....Read More

(Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

Lawmakers introduce bill to push back against new federal law on internet privacy

Two Washington state lawmakers from other ends of the aisle are working together to pass a law that would essentially enact the Obama Administration regulations...Read More

GOP leaders continue to criticize Democrats’ proposed budget

"Some would say a budget that doesn’t include the resources is a fake budget,” Sen. Mark Schoesler said....Read More

Bill that would undo the Hirst Decision held up in committee

A bill that would effectively nullify a 2016 court decision that put the onus on counties to determine whether there’s enough water to drill an...Read More

Screenshot of a Facebook video from Mayor Ed Murray's office of the Wednesday press conference.

Mayor Ed Murray announces city lawsuit against Trump administration for immigration executive order

Seattle Mayor Ed Murray announced a lawsuit against the Trump administration Wednesday....Read More

Will paid family leave get funded this session?

GOP leaders said work on the bill to fund paid family leave in Washington is still in the "initial" stages....Read More

GOP leadership spoke with reporters Tuesday and discussed their own budget and the Democrats' proposed budget. (Photo by Erin Fenner.)

After Republican budget proposal passes Senate chamber, GOP leaders criticize Democratic proposal

About Democrats' proposed budget, Rep. Matt Manweller said: "...You can find this one little piece of ripe fruit on a rotten tree..."...Read More

Screenshot of Washington House Democrats Tweet.

House Democrats propose budget with revenue gained through capital gains excise tax

An earlier version of this story incorrectly referred to the budget in terms “millions” instead of “billions.” House Democrats explained Monday how they plan to...Read More

A screencapture of a tweet from Rep. Pramila Jayapal, sent out after House Republicans pulled the AHCA bill.

Washington responds to House pulling the AHCA

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan conceded Friday that there are not enough votes to pass the American Health Care Act through his chamber. Ryan...Read More

Washington state Democrats waiting to see what laws Congress passess before back-filling Medicaid

This article was crossposted from the health news policy site, State of Reform.   Washington state GOP leaders have been saying they’ll wait-and-see what Congress...Read More