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70% of candidates in biggest races are women

We took a look at the candidates for mayor on the ballot this fall in the largest cities in Washington State.  Not all cities directly elect their mayor, and not all of those that do have mayors on the ballot this year.

Of the 10 largest cities in Washington State by population, six have direct mayoral elections on the ballot this fall.  Take a look.

City of Seattle

Jenny Durkan
Cary Moon

City of Tacoma

Jim Merritt
Victoria Woodards

City of Vancouver

Anne McEnerny-Ogle
Steven Cox

City of Everett

Cassie Franklin
Judy Tuohy

City of Kent

Dana Ralph
Jim Berrios

City of Federal Way

Susan Honda
Jim Ferrell

Of the 12 candidates on the general election ballot for mayor in Washington’s largest cities, 8 are women, or 67%.

When added to the legislative races on the ballot this fall, where 11 of 15 candidates are women, that is an impressive number.  The n is significant, meaning the sample size is relatively large and sweeping.  That makes the percentage even more impressive.

Combined, this means female candidates constitute 19 out of 27 spots, or 70% of the general election ballot.  That total is higher than at any time in recent memory in Washington State.


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