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Spokane County passes transparency resolution for employee collective bargaining

SPOKANE COUNTY, December 11, 2018– This morning, the Spokane County Board of Commissioners passed a resolution which states, it shall be the policy of Spokane County to conduct all collective bargaining negotiation meetings in the public in good faith pursuant to chapter 41.56 and 9.73 RCW. The resolution will allow members of the public and the media to witness but not participate in the process.

The purpose of this resolution is meant to improve transparency in the negotiating & collective bargaining process held between Spokane County and labor representatives. This action follows other recent transparency measures the Spokane County Board of Commissioners have taken in recent years, such as the budget transparency resolution adopted in 2017. In that action the Board committed to numerous public hearings every year during the development of the yearly budget to allow the public to offer comment and critique of budget proposals being put forward by Spokane County staff.

Voting in favor of the resolution were Commissioners Josh Kerns and Al French. Commissioner Mary Kuney was traveling on County business and unable to attend.Other local governments that have passed similar resolutions in Washington State include Kittitas County, Ferry County, Lincoln County, and the Pullman School District.

Providing his perspective, Chair of the Spokane County Board of Commissioners, Josh Kerns stated, “It is time to pull back the curtain on county government. This action continues our commitment to make local government more transparent. The resolution will also ensure the public is aware of how their tax dollars are being negotiated and spent by the County.”

Commissioner Al French stated, “This resolution guarantees that the public can witness where millions of their public dollars are being spent and how they are negotiated. It has always been my goal to be 100% accountable to the citizens of Spokane County on how their tax dollars are being spent. This resolution ensures that accountability for this Board and hopefully many Commissions to come.”

This press release was provided by Spokane County.