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Lawmakers introduce bill to push back against new federal law on internet privacy

Two Washington state lawmakers from other ends of the aisle are working together to pass a law that would essentially enact the Obama Administration regulations...Read More

GOP leaders continue to criticize Democrats’ proposed budget

"Some would say a budget that doesn’t include the resources is a fake budget,” Sen. Mark Schoesler said....Read More

AG Bob Ferguson files lawsuit against Tim Eyman for alleged misuse of campaign funds

Washington AG Bob Ferguson announced a lawsuit against conservative activist Tim Eyman Friday, accusing him of inappropriately using $308,000 of campaign funds....Read More

Wyble: A Watershed Moment In American Politics?

It should’ve been easier. For seven years, the Republican party beat their chest demanding the repeal and replacement of the Affordable Care Act. They held...Read More

Schipper: Why did House Democrats propose $8 billion in tax hikes but refuse to vote on them?

Rep. Kris Lytton, D-Anacortes, said that the House would not be voting on the tax increases they proposed to the tune of $8 billion over...Read More

GOP’s proposed budget heard in House, Democrats’ proposed budget to be considered in the House

Both proposed budgets are getting a moment in the House this week. The Senate Majority Coalition Caucus’ proposed budget, which would rework property taxes to...Read More