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April Special Election ballots mailed to 15 counties

The Secretary of State’s Office announced that all of the ballots for the April Special Election were mailed out last week. Nearly 10 percent of...Read More

Rep. Pellicciotti’s bill would lower car tab taxes

Sound Transit 3 continues to be a focal point this legislative session as Rep. Mike Pellicciotti (D-Federal Way) introduces yet another piece of legislature aimed...Read More

Press Release: AGO files campaign finance complaints against state lawmakers, former candidate

The Attorney General’s Office (AGO) today announced the filing of three separate complaints in Thurston County Superior Court: one against state Representative Strom Peterson, one...Read More

Rep. Harmsworth on Sound Transit reform

This week, Representative Mark Harmsworth’s office released two press releases on the Sound Transit tax and Republican efforts for reform. April 4, 2017 CONTACT: Kelley...Read More

Column: Washington State should end off-year elections

OK, bear with me here. I know Washington State has a long history of holding municipal and special elections in odd years. This could be...Read More

A screenshot of some of the discussion between the accounts of Rep. Matt Manweller and the Seattlish blog.

Equal Pay Day comment stirs up Twitter fight between Rep. Matt Manweller and Seattlish

An interesting interaction emerged over Twitter Tuesday afternoon between Rep. Matt Manweller and the Seattlish blog....Read More