Mayor Ed Murray signs off on FOIA requests directed at the Department of Homeland Security regarding President Donald Trump's travel ban executive order. (Photo courtesy of Mayor Ed Murray's office.)


Washington leaders continue to resist Trump administration

Both Gov. Jay Inslee and Seattle Mayor Ed Murray have taken additional steps in defiance against the Trump Administration this week. Inslee announced an executive order at a Thursday press conference. It won’t change state law whatsoever, but rather is designed to bolster the state against immigration actions from the federal government. “This executive order...Read More

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State senator asks U.S. AG to intervene in King County’s safe-injection site plan

As King County officials work to open two safe-injection sites, state Sen. Mark Miloscia, R-Federal Way, is working at the state and federal level to block the sites. Miloscia’s bill that would ban sites where heroin users can safely inject around medical professionals, has passed out of committee, according to a press release from his office....Read More

Column: Doug Ericksen is being too cute by half

The idea that someone can serve as a sitting state senator during the legislative session and hold down a full-time job on the side is ludicrous on its face to anyone remotely familiar with the duties of a state legislator. That’s why there has been no shortage of critiques of Sen. Doug Ericksen, R-Ferndale, attempting...Read More

Column: Inslee and the White House, or why we have a federal system

The parlor game of thinking through future elections can be entertaining.  I advocated for Jay Inslee to run for President in 2015, for example, in a column that drew private comments from both my left and my right of the “Are you serious?” sort. And, with the recent court battles led by AG Bob Ferguson...Read More

Audio: What’s the deal with well water in Washington?

Drilling a “permit-exempt” well in Washington became a lot more complicated last October after a state Supreme Court ruled that under the Growth Management Act, it’s the county and not the state department of ecology, that determines whether there’s enough water to issue a permit. Erin Fenner:, @erinfenner...Read More

Washington AG claims victory over Trump travel ban case

Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson office was not hesitant in calling the Trump administration’s action rescinding the travel ban executive order a “defeat.” President Donald Trump indicated his team will draft another version of the order to be issued next week. The initial order was met with widespread outrage as thousands of documented immigrants and refugees...Read More

Office of Attorney General seeks litigation support services

Shortly after Attorney General Bob Ferguson’s significant court win against the Trump administration, the Office of the Attorney General has released a request for proposal for litigation support services. President Trump announced on Thursday that he plans to issue a new executive order replacing his struck down travel ban. It is possible that Attorney General...Read More