The 9th Order

Putting Podlodowski’s win in context

Over the weekend, Tina Podlodowski won election to be the Chair of the Washington State Democrats.  She beat the incumbent, Jaxon Ravens, riding a wave of anger from grassroots Democrats on the performance of the state party during the 2016 elections. Tally: Tina: 119 Jaxon: 53 Roger: 2 total votes: 174 two spoiled ballots. Our...Read More

Re-launching the Wire for 2017

The Washington State Wire was launched in 2009 as an independent outlet focused on covering the legislature and the world of Olympia’s players, politics and personalities.  During an impressive run through 2016, the Wire (as it became affectionately, and sometimes otherwise, known) racked up a series of thoughtful stories written by full time journalists. As...Read More

Sen. Andy Hill Passes Away From Lung Cancer

The news came via an email from Sen. Joe Fain....Read More

Regional Councils Prepare Workforce Plans for 2016-2020

More Good News in the Monthly State Economic and Revenue Update; Cumulative Collections Beat Forecast by 3.8 Percent

The economic report for the state contained a few cautionary signals....Read More

Coal Dust Threatens Cascadia’s Water and Wildlife

When it comes to coal in the water, what we don’t know might hurt us. Although there’s not much published scientific research on the impacts of coal and coal dust in the environment, the potential for harm to wildlife is serious....Read More

Research Report: Nationally, No Teacher Shortage but Challenges Persist in Getting the Right Teachers Where They’re Needed

New research from the Center for Public Education, an initiative of the National School Boards Association, takes an in-depth look at the the “teacher pipeline.” One conclusion: At the national level it appears the current supply of teachers is enough to meet demand....Read More

Wages Too Low, Options Too Few: Washington’s Child Care Crisis Impacts Children, Parents, Providers

A new report by the Economic Policy Institute released today exposes the harsh truths about the child care crisis in Washington State – and around the country – and highlights how a national investment that caps families’ child care expenditures at 10 percent of their income could help more women join and stay in the workforce, boost national GDP by about $210 billion and put $5.9 billion into Washington State’s economy....Read More

Momentum for Climate Action

As our Bright Future project demonstrates, and our December 2015 report The Urban Clean Energy Revolution describes, nowhere is the momentum for this transition more evident than in our cities....Read More

How WEA Union Executives Almost Killed Charter Schools

The attack came from executives at the state’s powerful WEA teacher union, who said they had opposed charter schools from the beginning. They led the political campaign against the initiative and, having lost at the ballot box, took their opposition to the courts. Here is how events unfolded....Read More