Rep. Harmsworth on Sound Transit reform

This week, Representative Mark Harmsworth’s office released two press releases on the Sound Transit tax and Republican efforts for reform. April 4, 2017 CONTACT: Kelley...Read More

Column: Washington State should end off-year elections

OK, bear with me here. I know Washington State has a long history of holding municipal and special elections in odd years. This could be...Read More

A screenshot of some of the discussion between the accounts of Rep. Matt Manweller and the Seattlish blog.

Equal Pay Day comment stirs up Twitter fight between Rep. Matt Manweller and Seattlish

An interesting interaction emerged over Twitter Tuesday afternoon between Rep. Matt Manweller and the Seattlish blog....Read More

Bill that would undo the Hirst Decision held up in committee

A bill that would effectively nullify a 2016 court decision that put the onus on counties to determine whether there’s enough water to drill an...Read More

Mayor Ed Murray signs off on FOIA requests directed at the Department of Homeland Security regarding President Donald Trump's travel ban executive order. (Photo courtesy of Mayor Ed Murray's office.)

Seattle Mayor Ed Murray responds to Sessions’ call to pull federal grant money from ‘sanctuary cities’

U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions told municipalities Monday, that if they did not comply with federal immigration laws, he would seek to withdraw federally funded grants...Read More

Press Release: O’Ban, Rossi say Sound Transit move to engage misses mark

The Sound Transit board passed a motion today to authorize its CEO “to continue communications and engagement with the State Legislature” in order to “pursue...Read More

House Democrat introduces bill highlighting job training needs in rural counties

Washington Republicans have been identifying themselves as the party representing rural voters. They make those arguments when talking about water rights as it relates to...Read More

State Sen. Doug Ericksen is earning a $161k salary at the EPA, reports say

Sen. Doug Ericksen’s job with the Environmental Protection Agency has been the source of controversy in the state. He’s argued that working full-time for the...Read More

Screenshot of Tweet from Rep. Laurie Jinkins, D-Tacoma, about International Women's Day.

Washington leaders celebrate International Women’s Day

Here's how local and national leaders are expressing their support for International Women's Day....Read More

State Attorney General reviewing Trump’s new travel ban

Trump walked back the original order and announced he would draft a different one. The second draft came out Monday morning....Read More