Washington judge doesn’t extend injunction against Trump travel ban but Hawaiian judge blocks ban

The Trump Administration’s second iteration of a travel ban was blocked, as was the first ban, by a federal judge. This time, though it was a Hawaiian...Read More

U.S. Sen. Patty Murray tweeted about the attack of a Sikh man in a Seattle neighborhood.

Shooting of Sikh man in Seattle area spurs investigations

The attack happened after Jewish schools and community centers were the targets of more than 100 bomb threats, Jewish cemeteries across the country saw vandalism...Read More

A screen capture of the front page of the Daily Herald's March 1 edition.

The Everett Daily Herald announces staff cuts, changes in the publication

The Everett Daily Herald formally announced layoffs and content reductions in the paper in a letter from the editor on the front page of the...Read More

A screen capture of the front page of the Feb. 28 edition of the Daily Herald.

Everett Herald lays off 10 employees, 4 from the newsroom

The Everett Herald, under ownership from Sound Publishing, has announced layoffs of another 10 employees. Of those, four are from the newsroom....Read More

Washington AG claims victory over Trump travel ban case

Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson office was not hesitant in calling the Trump administration’s action rescinding the travel ban executive order a “defeat.” President Donald...Read More

Office of Attorney General seeks litigation support services

Shortly after Attorney General Bob Ferguson’s significant court win against the Trump administration, the Office of the Attorney General has released a request for proposal...Read More

State lawmakers consider state and federal interests amid controversy in Trump administration

State GOP lawmakers are under pressure to be more open in their condemnation of Trump. At their weekly press conference, they were pressed to comment...Read More

Annual Olympia conference pushing city priorities

The Association of Washington Cities is hosting their annual City Action Days conference on Wednesday and Thursday. About 370 city officials are scheduled to meet...Read More

Washington state AG in court again over Trump executive order

Oral arguments are set for Tuesday afternoon. Attorney General Bob Ferguson will present Washington’s case against the Trump administration’s executive order Tuesday at 3 p.m....Read More

Washington lawsuit against Trump travel-ban gets a hearing date

A federal judge will hear a motion from a lawsuit filed by Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson against the Trump administration’s travel ban Friday, according...Read More