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Water and budget, breakfast podcast, NWIRP

Welcome to candidate filing week, where like MLB Opening Day, hope springs eternal!  Unfortunately, the Mariners are now farther back in the AL West than...Read More

David Frockt | School district funding | Cathy McMorris Rodgers

We’ve got a few things for your review this week, including launching our podcast series. We’ll be at the WAC tomorrow morning with folks chatting...Read More

Weekend poll | Carbon tax | Procedural leverage

We are still getting our feet underneath us, and developing our content team.  So, expect us to continue to iterate as we build our platform....Read More

Sonics | Special Session | Snow Storm

Here are five things we think are worth keeping your eye on in Washington state politics this week – from DC to Olympia to Seattle. ...Read More

NTIB | 45th LD | Budget

We’re changing the nature of our emails this week, shifting to a model more directly informed by the experience of Politico, Axios, and our sister...Read More