Some Washington lawmakers pushing to make internet a public utility

While Seattle is effectively positioning itself as a hub for innovation in the emerging technology industry, some rural Washington counties are still struggling to get consistent, high-speed internet services. When conversations around infrastructure emerge, typically GOP and Democratic leaders discuss roads and bridges. But, internet is starting to get its day in the national political...Read More
Erin Fenner

Could Washington be a home to virtual reality tech?

Washington is positioned to lead a tech boom with an emphasis on virtual reality technology, a group of virtual reality leaders told the House Technology and Development Committee Tuesday. The group appearing for a committee work session represented investment companies, producers and organizations oriented around incubating emerging technology start-ups. They told the committee why they...Read More

Audit: Washington’s Tolling System Needs Improvement

The State audit, released on Wednesday, identified "fundamental problems" in the leadership and management of the department's toll division that "hampered its ability to effectively develop and operate" the tolling system....Read More

Sound Transit 3 Benefits Questioned

Sound Transit 3 envisions light rail as the agency’s primary transportation mode in the Puget Sound region by 2050. Some policy experts and business leaders opposed to the measure argue the return of investment isn’t worth it for the average Puget Sound resident who won’t use them....Read More

Updated Key Facts about Clark County Transit

The study found that between 1996 and 2010 agency managers more than doubled operating costs despite only a six percent increase in overall ridership. ...Read More

Mass Transit Expansion Goes Off The Rails In Many U.S. Cities

For transit to work effectively, employment needs to be concentrated. Indeed in most cities — Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston, San Diego, and even Portland, where new transit lines have been put in, it has failed to increase the share of commuters who take public transportation....Read More

Sound Transit Officials Continue to Move the Goal Posts

The public knows Sound Transit is working toward rebuilding trust. But claiming that ULink is "early and under budget" isn't the way to do it. Sound Transit officials say the project is ahead of schedule. The problem – it was supposed to open in 2006. In addition, once the entire 1996 line is built, officials will spend closer to $5 billion, more than double the original projections. ...Read More

Seattle’s Traffic Woes Require More Focus, Say Major Employers

Major employers are increasingly saying that stronger system capacity management and a greater private sector role in commute trip reduction are essential. Those two priorities came through loud and clear last week in the release of a new regional transportation strategy by Challenge Seattle....Read More

Seattle Area’s Top Business Leaders Unveil Plan to Improve Traffic

Through a group called Challenge Seattle, former Gov. Chris Gregoire and other top executives on Monday unveiled a plan to tackle the region's mounting traffic congestion. Starting with the development of the University of Washington-based Mobility Innovation Center, the group plans to use local companies as models for a new system. The goal is to improve transportation infrastructure until no more than 35 percent of employees from Challenge Seattle companies drive alone to work....Read More

Study: I-405 Traffic Is As Bad As You Thought It Was

"If the goal of the toll lanes and the added capacity was to decrease congestion, we have failed because the overall congestion for the vast majority of people has gotten worse," said Inrix CEO Bryan Mistele. Traffic in the former HOV lanes, which are now express toll lanes, is moving faster than it was before tolling began. But traffic in the general purpose lanes is moving considerably slower since tolling began....Read More