Bill to make prescription costs more transparent passes House

HB 1541 outlines a plan to collect data on prescription prices, and a way to monitor increases....Read More

House passes bill to curb unexpected hospital charges for patients

HB 2114 passed through the House of Representatives by a vote of 81-17. Representative Eileen Cody and Representative Gerry Pollet introduced the bill at the...Read More

Mugshot of Rep. Laurie Jinkins courtesy of Washington Legislature. Statehouse photo by Erin Fenner.

Bill that would highlight charity payment options for patients passes House with unanimous vote

A bill that would help patients identify charity assistance on their hospital billing statements passed the House unanimously Thursday. According to the bill report, if...Read More

Sen. Maureen Walsh, R-Walla Walla, sponsored a bill that would expand access to dental health care. (Mugshot courtesy of the Washington Legislature. Statehouse photo by Erin Fenner.)

Senate unanimously passes another bill to expand dental health care

A bipartisan bill that could make dental care more affordable to pregnant women and people with diabetes passed the Senate with 49-0 vote Wednesday. If...Read More

Inslee continues to push back against Trump administration

Gov. Jay Inslee has not been shy about pointing out his distrust in the Trump Administration's ability to govern....Read More

Mental health becoming an issue that crosses the aisle

Something Democrats and Republicans agree on is that the state of mental health care in Washington is in dire need of improvements. Both parties have...Read More

Sen. Randi Becker and Rep. Matt Manweller commented on the anticipated replace and repeal of the Affordable Care Act. (Mugshots courtesy of the Washington Legislature and Statehouse photo taken by Erin Fenner.)

State GOP lawmakers suggest ACA repeal and replace could be an ‘opportunity’

At their weekly press conference, state GOP leaders suggested Congress repealing and replacing the Affordable Care Act could be an opportunity. Rep. Matt Manweller, Ellensburg,...Read More

Washington lawmaker opting out of town halls while protesters demand action

As the Affordable Care Act reaches new highs in its popularity, the Republican party, which vowed to repeal the law, is facing stormy town halls....Read More

Gov. Inslee signs bill to expand dental health care on reservations

Gov. Jay Inslee signed a bill into law Wednesday that could open up access to dental health care on reservations. Tribal communities have had little...Read More

Bipartisan telemedicine bills get on Senate floor calendar

Two bills that could expand telemedicine’s reach in Washington have made it through cutoff and secured a spot on the Senate floor calendar. SB 5457...Read More