Column: It’s already time to talk about how Washington selects its presidential nominees

We are just three months removed from the 2016 campaign, but that hasn’t stopped the Legislature from debating changes to how we select presidential nominees. Currently, Democrats use a traditional caucus system that puts more of the power in the hands of grassroots activists, while Republicans use a presidential primary in late May in an...Read More

What do state GOP leaders think of Trump’s stance on immigration?

At their weekly press conference, state GOP leaders distanced themselves from federal actions on immigration. The state has been in the spotlight as Attorney General Bob Ferguson leads a lawsuit against President Donald Trump’s travel ban executive order. Ferguson says the order, as it is written, is unconstitutional. Amid the lawsuit, the Trump administration has...Read More

New House member sworn in after Short departs to Senate

After Republican Sen. Shelly Short, Addy, was sworn in to replace Brian Dansel, who left his seat to work with the Trump administration, her vacant House seat was filled by her long-time legislative assistant, according to a press release from Short’s former House office. County commissioners from the five counties in the 7th District voted...Read More

Senator challenges criticism for dual role in federal, state jobs

The first question lobbed at Sen. Doug Ericksen, R-Ferndale, Thursday morning at a press conference was regarding why he postponed that press conference. Rachel LaCorte, with the Associated Press, pointed, if indirectly, to the irony of missing a press conference where he was supposed to explain how he’d balance the two jobs. You can see...Read More

Republican senator misses conference where he’d discuss balancing two jobs

Sen. Doug Ericksen, R-Ferndale, had to reschedule a Wednesday press conference wherein he was to discuss working in both Washingtons this session. But, he ended up postponing that presser because his flight back to Olympia was cancelled, according to a press release from his office. Now, he’s facing even more criticism for his so-called “dual role.” Sen....Read More

Senate Republicans officially holding majority again with Short’s swearing-in

Sally Short choked up a bit as she was sworn in to her new role as a state Senator Wednesday morning. “While I am sad to leave my colleagues in the House, I look forward to working with them as a member of the Senate to solve the tough challenges our state faces this session,”...Read More

Now it’s Sen. Shelly Short, vacant GOP senate seat filled

Republican Shelly Short, of Addy, will fill the vacant seat of Sen. Brian Dansel, R-Republic, who left the Washington Senate for a job with the Trump administration. Short has been a member of the House, representing the 7th District and on three committees: Environment, Health Care & Wellness and Rules. Dansel took on a position...Read More

Putting Podlodowski’s win in context

Over the weekend, Tina Podlodowski won election to be the Chair of the Washington State Democrats.  She beat the incumbent, Jaxon Ravens, riding a wave of anger from grassroots Democrats on the performance of the state party during the 2016 elections. Tally: Tina: 119 Jaxon: 53 Roger: 2 total votes: 174 two spoiled ballots. Our...Read More

Republican state senator resigns to work for Trump administration

Republican Sen. Brian Dansel, Republic, announced his resignation Tuesday as he accepted a position as special assistant to the U.S. Secretary of Agriculture, according to a press release from the Washington State Senate Majority Coalition Caucus. The resignation is effective immediately, and comes as another active GOP state senator, Sen. Doug Ericksen, Ferndale,  announced his own plan to...Read More

Finally A Primary. Why Vote?

Primary election Day, Sort of It’s a great day for Washington citizens. They get to have a primary. A presidential primary. It’s not Iowa, or New Hampshire or New York, but not just because it’s late in the spring. Don’t look for CNN or Fox News satellite dish feeds popping up at the Secretary of...Read More