Seattle Schools Have Biggest White-Black Achievement Gap in State

Among the 200 biggest school districts in the U.S., Seattle has the fifth-biggest gap in achievement between black and white students. Seattle’s white-black gap is also the biggest in Washington....Read More

Research Report: Nationally, No Teacher Shortage but Challenges Persist in Getting the Right Teachers Where They’re Needed

New research from the Center for Public Education, an initiative of the National School Boards Association, takes an in-depth look at the the “teacher pipeline.” One conclusion: At the national level it appears the current supply of teachers is enough to meet demand....Read More

Washington vs. Massachusetts: How College Affordability Compares

In some ways, Washington does significantly better than Massachusetts overall; its college affordability ranking is 12th in the nation, compared with Massachusetts’ rank of 43rd. Washington really shines in the generosity of its financial aid. ...Read More

The Democrats Give Up on Education Reform

Neither Bernie Sanders nor Hillary Clinton is defending one of President Barack Obama’s most important legacies: education reform. Instead both candidates offer an agenda that amounts to spending more and demanding less. The U.S. already spends more on education than most other developed countries. If money mattered most in driving results, American students -- including those in poor communities -- would be leading the world. Instead, they are in the middle of the pack. Republicans, too, have retreated from their commitment to accountability, albeit for different reasons....Read More

How WEA Union Executives Almost Killed Charter Schools

The attack came from executives at the state’s powerful WEA teacher union, who said they had opposed charter schools from the beginning. They led the political campaign against the initiative and, having lost at the ballot box, took their opposition to the courts. Here is how events unfolded....Read More

Lawmakers to Try Again for Education Funding Fix

On Wednesday, a new legislative panel meets for the first time with the task of finding a constitutional means of paying for public education by the 2018 deadline imposed by the court in the McCleary case. With Gov. Jay Inslee’s signing of the supplemental budget Monday, lawmakers have 30 days to file a progress report with the Supreme Court on its effort to comply with McCleary. ...Read More

Governor’s Signature Next Week Sets Off McCleary Deadlines

The State Supreme Court has ordered the state to present a post-budget report about its plans within 30 days after Governor Inslee signs the budget. The court is giving the McCleary plaintiffs 20 days to respond. And then the state will have 10 days to reply to the arguments made by the plaintiffs....Read More

California Appeals Court Reverses Decision to Overturn Teacher Tenure Rules

A California appeals court ruled on Thursday that the state’s job protections for teachers do not deprive poor and minority students of a quality education or violate their civil rights — reversing a landmark lower court decision that had overturned the state’s teacher tenure rules....Read More

A Pipeline To Skilled Trades: Family-Wage Jobs Aplenty For Electrician Trainees

Acceptance into training programs for trade professions such as electrician, requires a high school diploma or equivalent. But Washington state ranks 38th for high school graduation rates, at 78 percent, and lower for low-income students and minorities. ...Read More

It’s Time To Move Forward on Charter Schools

Charter schools aren’t some magic solution. But they can be a valued component of 21st century public schooling. It is time to stop wasting time, energy and money mounting fights to oppose charter schools that serve some of our state’s most at-risk students. ...Read More