Capital budget’s impact on school construction funding

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Protests, racism, and threats at Evergreen State College

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Reps. McCaslin and Taylor release statement following governor’s partial veto of school siting bill

In a surprise move earlier today, Gov. Jay Inslee vetoed section one of Rep. Bob McCaslin’s House Bill 1017, which would authorize the construction of schools and school...Read More

House Democrat introduces bill highlighting job training needs in rural counties

Washington Republicans have been identifying themselves as the party representing rural voters. They make those arguments when talking about water rights as it relates to...Read More

Democrats secure ‘levy cliff’ bill’s passage in legislature

Democrats have argued to extend the "levy cliff" throughout the 2017 session, and on Thursday they made significant headway in that goal....Read More

Democrats call, again, for action on ‘levy cliff’

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GOP leaders defend education funding plan, criticize Democrats’ plan

After facing criticism for their budget plan, Republican leaders defended their education funding proposal Monday at a press conference, and made their own criticisms of...Read More

Democrats criticize GOP education funding bill, call for move on ‘levy cliff’

Democrats expect to move an education funding plan, sponsored by Sen. Mark Mullet, D-Issaquah, onto the Senate Floor Thursday or early next week, said House...Read More

Washington AG announces lawsuit against student loan servicer Navient

Three government officials announced lawsuits against the student loan servicer, Navient (formerly known as Sallie Mae), and Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson is one of...Read More

How would Gov. Jay Inslee’s proposed carbon tax work?

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