A screen capture of the front page of the Daily Herald's March 1 edition.

The Everett Daily Herald announces staff cuts, changes in the publication

The Everett Daily Herald formally announced layoffs and content reductions in the paper in a letter from the editor on the front page of the...Read More

A screen capture of the front page of the Feb. 28 edition of the Daily Herald.

Everett Herald lays off 10 employees, 4 from the newsroom

The Everett Herald, under ownership from Sound Publishing, has announced layoffs of another 10 employees. Of those, four are from the newsroom....Read More

Will the Department of Justice crack down on Washington’s legal weed?

What is the future of the marijuana industry in Washington?...Read More

City Action Days: Panelists review issues ahead for municipalities

It may not feel like it, but there are pressing issues unrelated to funding education, and a panel at City Action Days, hosted by the...Read More

Press release: Gov. Jay Inslee names new director of Results Washington

Gov. Jay Inslee today named Inger Brinck director of Results Washington, Inslee’s initiative to make state government more effective. Launched in 2013, Results Washington tracks...Read More

Paid family leave gets another hearing in House committee, no vote

A bill that would provide a funding mechanism for Washington’s paid family leave statute was heard, but didn’t get a vote at the House Appropriations...Read More

Roanoke: What is a bipartisan solution to helping homeless people?

There’s bipartisan agreement when it comes to homelessness, at least as far as identifying that it’s a problem that needs fixing. But there’s division when...Read More

Olympia’s Maritime Day brings in port business input

Keep Washington Competitive is scheduled to meet with members of the Washington Maritime Federation as part of the Federation’s Ports and Maritime Day in Olympia...Read More

Roanoke Conference: GOP panelists say income tax fight on horizon

Panelists at the annual Roanoke Conference discussed how they would push against a hypothetical income tax proposal Saturday. Gov. Jay Inslee and Democratic lawmakers have...Read More

Uncertainty at the state level on how Congress plans to replace ACA

State lawmakers said they don’t know how to prepare the state for an Affordable Care Act replacement, because they don’t know what that could even...Read More