Screencapture of the Senate Transportation Committee's 2017-19 proposed budget.

Proposed Senate transportation budget at $8.4 billion

The Senate Transportation Committee released their proposed transportation budget for the 2017-2019 biennium Monday, and it’s tighter than the 2015-2017 budget by more than $270...Read More

Press Release: Washington State Treasurer Duane Davidson hails national award for financial reporting

Local Government Investment Pool Continues Strong Performance For its most recent annual update on how Washington state invests surplus funds of more than 500 local...Read More

House carbon tax bill sees hours of supportive, critical public testimony

A bill that would introduce a statewide carbon tax was heard in the House Environment committee and was met with about two hours of testimony,...Read More

From left: Rep. Matt Manweller. R-Ellensburg, and Sen. Mark Schoesler, R-Ritzville, speak at a regular press conference about issues including a their stance on a carbon tax. (Photo by Erin Fenner.)

State Republicans reiterate their stance on a possible carbon tax: No

Republicans are not warming to a carbon tax anytime soon....Read More

A screenshot of the White House video of the swearing in of U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

Sessions indicates he’ll pursue more stringent regulations on marijuana, state AG seeks discussion

The legal marijuana industry is becoming increasingly nervous as more insinuations come out of the White House indicating more stringent regulations....Read More

Washington senators join effort urging DOJ to be hands off on state pot laws

On the same day Sessions announced he was recusing himself from investigations related to the 2016 Election, Washington lawmakers signed their names to a bipartisan...Read More

Sessions comments on marijuana, but doesn’t outline policy plan

The legal marijuana industry is still waiting to for a definitive answer when it comes to how the White House will treat the retail side...Read More

A screen capture of the front page of the Daily Herald's March 1 edition.

The Everett Daily Herald announces staff cuts, changes in the publication

The Everett Daily Herald formally announced layoffs and content reductions in the paper in a letter from the editor on the front page of the...Read More

A screen capture of the front page of the Feb. 28 edition of the Daily Herald.

Everett Herald lays off 10 employees, 4 from the newsroom

The Everett Herald, under ownership from Sound Publishing, has announced layoffs of another 10 employees. Of those, four are from the newsroom....Read More

Will the Department of Justice crack down on Washington’s legal weed?

What is the future of the marijuana industry in Washington?...Read More