Detroit’s Bankruptcy a Lesson in Bad Business

First, as hard as it is, keep pension costs under control and fund them. Second, don’t overtax employers or impose repressive and costly regulations. Finally, foster a climate where entrepreneurs can create jobs and produce tax revenues.

The Green Sheet for Jan. 12: Back in Session

Welcome to the Green Sheet, a new feature the Wire is introducing for the 2015 legislative session. This will appear every Monday throughout session, and promises to provide you interesting quotes, articles, bills and committee hearings to consider for the week ahead.

Inslee Proposes Free Toll Lane, Ferry Travel For Electric Vehicles

Gov. Jay Inslee wants to see a lot more electric vehicles in the state in five years, and he’s willing to spend a few million taxpayer dollars to make it happen. His plans for transportation include incentives to make it cheaper and easier to own an electric vehicle, in hopes of boosting the number on the

Sen. Hill: ‘Myth’ Washington State Has Large Budget Deficit

Gov. Jay Inslee took four days last month to roll out his $39 billion spending plan for the upcoming budget cycle, and the response from the Republican-held Senate has come in drips and drabs since then via press releases, op-eds and other statements. But on Wednesday, Republican Senators issued a full-court press against the governor’s

Can Lawmakers Alter the Class-Size Mandate in I-1351?

Under state law, lawmakers need two-thirds majorities to suspend or amend citizen initiatives during the first two years after voters approve them. But before they start counting votes, legislators must first consider whether they can change I-1351 without running afoul of the judiciary.