Friction At Board Meeting As Health Exchange Problems Continue

“The system fixes that were implemented have not resolved these defects, and instead, the number of detrimentally affected accounts has grown.” In a letter to Washington Health Benefit Exchange Board Members dated August 12, Premera Senior Vice-President Kitti Cramer provided details showing the health insurance premium aggregation and termination notice problems at the Exchange are far larger than previously thought.

Premiums Rise at Big Insurers, Fall at Small Rivals Under Health Law

That is the picture emerging from proposed 2015 insurance rates in the 10 states that have completed their filings, which stretch from Rhode Island to Washington state. In all but one of them, the largest health insurer in the state is proposing to increase premiums between 8.5% and 22.8% for next year.

Health Exchange Premium Rates to Go Up Almost 10%

Health Benefit Exchange (HBE) Advisory Committee members were not happy to hear that individual health plan premium rates in the HBE are expected to go up almost 10% on average in 2015. The Committee held its monthly meeting on June 5th in Olympia.

Intriguing Health-Insurance Idea: Allow Cheaper ‘Catastrophic’ Policies From Other States

House Republicans are offering a most-intriguing idea that could bridge the gap between President Obama’s backtracking and the realities of the insurance marketplace. Last November, public furor swelled when it became clear that a central promise of Obamacare somehow got forgotten, somewhere along the line — that if you liked your current health-insurance policy, you could keep it. Obama allowed state insurance commissioners to reinstate last year’s policies, though it was a bit late to unring the bell, and Washington’s Mike Kreidler was having none of it. Now House Republicans have another idea — are suggesting that Washington allow lower-cost catastrophic health plans from other states to be offered here.