U.S. Supreme Court Ruling On Home Healthcare Workers Reverberates In WA

The rights of Washington state home-care workers to opt out of union membership has become a contentious issue between an Olympia-based think tank and the Service Employees International Union, which recently negotiated a contract that raises the average hourly pay for care workers to at least $14 by 2017.

State Hustling To End Psychiatric Warehousing

With only a couple weeks to go before a state Supreme Court order bans the warehousing of psychiatric patients, state officials are scrambling to expand the number of beds and hire new mental-health workers.

In Our View: Acidification Harms Oceans

We can pay for it now by dealing with the issue, or later, as problem worsens. As early as 2005, oyster larvae in the Northwest began experiencing a large die-off, and two years ago scientists linked decreasing ocean pH levels to carbon dioxide from coal-fired power plants, automobiles and other human sources.