Climate Change: The Debate Now Is About How We Adapt

The impact of climate change in Washington already is significant. We have two pressing challenges in front of us: How do we reduce carbon emissions that are driving climate change; and how do we prepare our communities for the growing impacts?

State Auditor Kelley Avoids Media, Says Actions ‘Have Been Lawful’

In addition to the grand-jury subpoena and five-hour search of Kelly’s Tacoma house last week, the FBI has sought records of Kelley’s expense reimbursements when he was a state legislator.In a letter marked “criminal investigation,” an IRS tax-fraud unit also asked the state Department of Revenue for tax returns and other records.

Washington CIO: Citizens Expect Government to Act Like Google

In Washington, optimizing the state’s existing infrastructure will play a key role in creating a personalized experience for citizens. Cockrill’s office recently identified 1,983 unique software systems, across 44 executive branch agencies.

U.S. Snoozes While Rest of World Invests in Infrastructure

Americans, the people who built six transcontinental railroads, Grand Coulee and Hoover dams and the Interstate Highway System among so much else, have lost their way. American projects also cost more than their counterparts in even other advanced nations.

Feds Warned Premera Before Security Breach

Washington state health insurer Premera Blue Cross was warned three weeks before a massive cyber attack that it was vulnerable to a breach. Federal auditors reportedly told the company that its networked systems had security holes that needed to be patched and made 10 recommendations to fix those holes, the Seattle Times reports.

Guest Op-Ed: Fire Protection Without Toxic Chemicals

As a Seattle Fire Fighter and President of Seattle Fire Fighters Union, Local 27, I have witnessed too many of my brothers and sisters in the fire service develop cancer and die. Many research studies provide scientific evidence that there is a direct correlation between fire fighting and cancer, and that fighters face an increased risk of

Bills in Washington State Seek to End Use of Coal

The bill would also allow utilities to recover mitigation costs from closing a plant, such as financial assistance to displaced employees, from their customers. Washington State gets less than 14 percent of its power from coal.

Opinion: Raise the Gas Tax – in All 50 States

Given the low price of oil, and the declining real value of the federal gas tax, it’s a good time for all 50 states to act. In the long run, however, the strategy of using a gas tax to pay for transportation improvements is doomed.  As vehicles become more fuel efficient, states may find a more