President Obama: The TPP Would Let America, Not China, Lead the Way on Global Trade

As we speak, China is negotiating a trade deal that would carve up some of the fastest-growing markets in the world at our expense, putting American jobs, businesses and goods at risk. This past week, China and 15 other nations met in Australia with a goal of getting their deal, the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership, done before the end of this year. That trade deal won’t prevent unfair competition among government-subsidized, state-owned enterprises. And it certainly won’t enforce high standards for our workers and our environment.

Black Residents Matter

Though results vary to some extent, the broad trend is clear: the most progressive-minded cities are either seeing a significant exodus of blacks or, never having had substantial black populations, are failing to attract them. Primary among the reasons are restrictive planning regulations that make it hard to expand the supply of housing. According to the Demographia International Housing Affordability Survey, the “median multiple” should average about 3.0. But the median multiple is 5.1 in Denver, 5.2 in Seattle, 8.1 in Los Angeles and San Diego, and 9.7 in San Jose.

The Democrats Give Up on Education Reform

Neither Bernie Sanders nor Hillary Clinton is defending one of President Barack Obama’s most important legacies: education reform. Instead both candidates offer an agenda that amounts to spending more and demanding less. The U.S. already spends more on education than most other developed countries. If money mattered most in driving results, American students — including those in poor communities — would be leading the world. Instead, they are in the middle of the pack. Republicans, too, have retreated from their commitment to accountability, albeit for different reasons.

A Primer on the Washington State Primary Ballot

Primary ballots will be mailed this week to Washington’s 4 million registered voters. The deadline to return your ballot is May 24. The only catch is your vote will be disregarded by the state Democratic Party.

Constitutional Amendment a Must for Balancing State Budget

The state budget covers two years at a time, so why make budget writers look ahead further? It’s because the decade preceding 2013 often saw legislators propose or make spending choices that would balloon in the next budget cycle. That’s why we will push the next Legislature to ask voters to weigh in on a constitutional amendment we propose, requiring the state budget to balance across four years

His Federal Trial Over, Troy Kelley Returns to Auditor’s Office

A day after his federal trial ended in an acquittal on one count and a deadlocked jury on 14 others, State Auditor Troy Kelley returned to work. Many state officials had hoped he’d be gone, including Gov. Jay Inslee, Attorney General Bob Ferguson, Public Lands Commissioner Peter Goldmark, Secretary of State Kim Wyman and Senate Majority Leader Mark Schoesler.