Bills in Washington State Seek to End Use of Coal

The bill would also allow utilities to recover mitigation costs from closing a plant, such as financial assistance to displaced employees, from their customers. Washington State gets less than 14 percent of its power from coal.

Opinion: Raise the Gas Tax – in All 50 States

Given the low price of oil, and the declining real value of the federal gas tax, it’s a good time for all 50 states to act. In the long run, however, the strategy of using a gas tax to pay for transportation improvements is doomed.  As vehicles become more fuel efficient, states may find a more

Op-Ed: Washington’s Tax Structure in Perspective (Spoiler Alert, in Context It’s Progressive)

How progressive the combined tax structure should be will always be a matter of political debate. Should progressive taxation be a policy objective, however, the federal government is best positioned to address the issue. When states adopt highly progressive structures, they increase the volatility of their revenue systems and create incentives for mobile affluent households

Oil Train Safety Under Scrutiny in the Legislative Session

Oil train regulation was back in the spotlight during a hearing before the Senate Energy Committee Thursday afternoon on a bill sponsored by Sen. Doug Ericksen, R-Ferndale. Ericksen’s safety bill is competing with one requested by Gov. Jay Inslee and co-sponsored by Sens. Kevin Ranker, D-Orcas Island, and Christine Rolfes, D-Bainbridge Island. It’s been a

A Possible ‘McCleary’ for Washington’s Higher Education?

Lawmakers have been told repeatedly by the state Supreme Court that they must increase funding for schools from kindergarten through 12th grade. Now, a prominent constitutional law scholar in Washington says the state has a similar duty to adequately fund public colleges and universities, and that another court case could arise if the Legislature doesn’t step

Inslee Proposes Free Toll Lane, Ferry Travel For Electric Vehicles

Gov. Jay Inslee wants to see a lot more electric vehicles in the state in five years, and he’s willing to spend a few million taxpayer dollars to make it happen. His plans for transportation include incentives to make it cheaper and easier to own an electric vehicle, in hopes of boosting the number on the