Efficiency Rule on Trucks Seeks to Cut Emissions

The Obama administration on Friday introduced a major climate change regulation intended to reduce planet-warming carbon pollution from heavy-duty trucks. The proposed rule is meant to increase the fuel efficiency of the vast rigs that haul goods as varied as steel, timber, and oil, as well as packages from Amazon.com.

Critics Take New Shot at Highly Touted Export Terminal

The proposed Gateway Pacific coal terminal could hurt rather than boost the Pacific Northwest economy, potentially undercutting a major argument in favor of the project, according to a study released Tuesday afternoon. Kathryn Stenger, spokeswoman for the Alliance for Northwest Jobs and Exports, a group of interests backing the terminals, said the new study was not objective and failed to rely on the company’s information or previous research.

Shell No(t Necessary)

We have to live within a carbon budget – a specific, well-documented amount of emissions beyond which climate disruption is likely to become unmanageable. Proven fossil fuel reserves are roughly enough to produce 3 to 5 times this amount. The rest of it has to stay put.

Western Governors Hear Federal Drought Aid Is Coming

The White House says it will make $110 million available to help those suffering from effects of drought. A variety of federal agencies will disperse the money. Some will be used to help farmers find ways to conserve water, change grazing practices and improve irrigation.

EPA Starts Down Long Path to Cut Emissions from Planes

The Obama administration said on Wednesday that it would take the first step toward regulating greenhouse gas emissions from airplanes, but it acknowledged it would most likely take years before stringent standards are enacted. Next week, the agency is expected to propose new rules on emissions from heavy-duty trucks, and in August it is expected to announce new rules to rein in power plant pollution.